These people are insane

With healthy foods three times as expensive as less healthy ones

You what?

METRIC 5: FOOD PRICES. What we decide
to buy is often influenced by price

Alert the media!

Advertising spend on fruit and vegetables has increased since 2017,
but remains low, with just 2.9% of ad spend on food and drink going
towards fruit and vegetables.

Well, yes, because branded veggies – buy mine, not his! – is a difficult task. and advertising is about switching purchases, not creating them.

Ahh, here’s what the fuckers are doing:

The price of healthier foods continues to remain much higher than less healthy foods.
Using a binary more/less healthy categorisation according to the FSA’s nutrient
profiling model reveals striking dierences, with more healthy foods three times more
expensive than less healthy foods for the equivalent number of calories. The mean cost
of more healthy foods in 2019 per 1000 kilocalories was £7.68, compared to £2.48 for
less heathy foods. Although at the time of writing we have incomplete data for 2020,
the upward trend in price for more healthy foods seen in the first quarter of this year is
concerning one, with the mean price at its highest level since 2013.
Breaking the data down into the government’s five Eatwell Guide food categories tells a
similar story. While the mean price of fruit and vegetables is on an upward trend (£9.39
per 1000 kilocalories in 2019, up from £8.88 in 2017), the price of food and drinks high
in salt, sugar and/or fat has remained fairly stable at a much lower price point. The
mean price of foods in this category was £3.54 in 2019, compared to £3.42 in 2017.

Fruit and veg don’t contain many calories. So, if you measure their price by calories then you’ll find they’re expensive.

Lying fuckers are lying fuckers, eh?

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  1. “The foundation is a partner in footballer Marcus Rashford’s child food poverty task force, which was set up this month with the aim of ending food poverty in the UK”.

    So how much did the multi-millionaire Rashford donate to his task force? I will willingly grovel and apologise if it is more than f-all of nothing but I suspect yet another case of Geldorfitis.

  2. Do they state what their fruit & veg basket is made of, how inflated with expensive exotics it is? That’s the usual trick — along with comparing menu prices for burgers and salads at a fast-food chain.

  3. Jesus, round here you can’t give apples away. There’s loads of apple trees in people’s gardens and they fall on the ground to rot, every year. No one cooks with them or preserves them any more.

  4. How kind and forward-looking of the food processing companies to repackage fruit into far more efficient fruit juice at a far lower price. Is that a bargain or what?

  5. “The price of healthier foods continues to remain much higher than less healthy foods.”

    Food is food. It has no capacity to be healthy or unhealthy. Human usage can be healthy or unhealthy.

    ‘Using a binary more/less healthy categorisation’

    What about LGBT fruits?

  6. “The foundation said, however, that the mean price of fruit and vegetables continues to soar – it cost £9.39 per 1,000 calories in 2019, having risen every year since 2016 – while the price of food and drinks that are high in sugar, salt and/or fat has remained stable at £3.54 per 1,000 calories.”

    – Pendantically ought to use upper case C when they mean kilo calories. but even so if your poor do you buy stuff at the mean price of the whole food group that is Fruit and veg? erm no. I read a while ago that the benefits of fruit and veg over and above alternatives (cereals and meat) are largely gained whether fresh, frozen, tinned or dried.

    thus i looked up raisins. – 500g = £3.60= 289kcal – i worked this out to be £2.49 per 1000 kcals.

    So maybe add a few more raisins to the spotted dick and we don’t need marcus rashford for anything other than kicking synthetic pig’s bladders.

  7. “With healthy foods three times as expensive as less healthy ones”

    They should have inserted an “up to” in there like the ISPs do.

    [Disclosure: I am up to 20 feet tall.]

  8. You don’t eat fruit for the calories (honourable exception for bananas).

    These are the same idiots who compare lettuces to mince on calorific value, and then claim lettuces are 38 times more expensive because they are ‘healthy’.

  9. “the mean price of fruit and vegetables continues to soar – it cost £9.39 per 1,000 calories in 2019, having risen every year since 2016”
    I’m not going to check if this explains the trend but if you take some of the sugar out of a tin of beans, trim the fat out of a cut of meat, and replace tuna in oil for tuna in brine then you’re going to need more of those foods for the same Calories.

  10. ‘Healthy’ is a misnomer – these foods are no more intrinsically healthy than a Burger King.

    What they are is ‘non-mainstream’ foods. Foods which specifically try to avoid the use of standard mass production techniques. They might do this because they want to push a political activist point, or establish a socially elite brand, or for other reasons, but the key point is that they will be ‘off-grid’ as far as using modern production techniques is concerned.

    As far as I can see, ALL work done which avoids the use of modern techniques is going to be expensive – three times as expensive is a perfectly normal figure. This seems to apply to almost everything – Green Electricity is going to be three times as expensive as ‘normal’ electricity, ‘woke’ BBC presentations are going to cost us three times as much, and ‘green’ politicians are going to want three times the salary…

  11. “round here you can’t give apples away. There’s loads of apple trees in people’s gardens and they fall on the ground to rot, every year. No one cooks with them or preserves them any more.”

    Yes, I still have plenty of runner beans, but I can only eat so many and they are getting stringy, the courgettes are turning to marrows faster than I can eat them, I gather up apples every day. I can manage to cook and eat a couple of apple cakes/pies each week, I insist visiting friends take home a shopping bag full, the neighbours also, and there are still enough apples to put in a bin every few days for the posties pigs.

  12. Fruit & veg contain little protein and since that is a major requirement for Humans, they are not healthy. They are mass for mass compared with other food type mostly low in calories which reduces metabolic function, causes tiredness, reduced immune activity, they are not healthy. Fruit and veg also packed with carbohydrates much in the form of sugars, they are not healthy.

  13. I’d love to see what your diet would look like if you took their fruit and veg basket and scaled it up to meet the daily calorie requirement.

    I bet you’d be eating four cauliflower heads per person per day etc!

    Do they disclose the data?

  14. Oblong, is this nonsense bulked out with flageolet beans, et al. …?

    Possibly over-sharing, but I went to a funeral service for a person of a certain Indian faith. A great deal of their food was on offer – no meat, just pulses and so on. It was ok to the taste, but pulpy and mushy to the bite.

    Anyhoo, I thought no more of it until about nine hours later when, hosting guests for dinner, I received the sudden, urgent, and not-to-be-denied information that this pulpy mush was about to exit through the stalls.

    It was like a locomotive designed on the principles of a pipe-cleaner.

  15. Mr Edward Lud,
    I have no wish to make light of your predicament, nor to appear base or vulgar… but I had a proper laugh at your anecdote this afternoon.

    Bravo, sir!

  16. There’s a lesson in there for us all, Geoffers.

    For my part, I like to recall Robin Cook’s answer when questioned on the merits of multiculturalism.

    “Chicken tikka marsala”.

  17. The fact is that everyone buys as much fruit and veg as they want to.

    If these ignorant activists were giving away free broccoli it would end up in the bin in all those households that currently don’t buy it. The only vegetable they eat are chips five times a week (the so-called ‘Glasgow Salad.’)

  18. A lady of the night stands on street corners in a sexy dress. That’s her advertising.

    A married woman does not need to advertise because she has a captive market. The flatulent tosspot thinks that she should wear fishnet stockings and stand on street corners anyway.

  19. Ob Long,

    On a point of information, not of contradiction. Fruit is full of something called fructose. That’s a kind of sugar. It’s pretty high in calories (kilojoules to us knowledgeable types). Frog zample, look at the gut on your average banana-guzzling gorilla. Fruit also ferments pretty well, to turn all those fructose sugars into another type of carbohydrate called alcohol. Fruit is full of calories.

    Certain veggies also have loads of calories. The Islington Ingenué’s eponymous veggie for example which you can make vodka from. Corn for beer and whiskey.

    Fruit and most veggies are low in protein. To get enough protein from a fruit and veggie diet you have either to take protein supplements, or eat five times as much. This manifests as a distended belly. It’s called kwashiorkor, or gorilla gut.

    To eat healthy and slim, your diet should be about 12% to 15% protein. Then your tummy is more quickly satisfied and your body doesn’t tell you to keep eating until you get enough protein. Vitamins only need to be ingested in trace amounts and eating ten pieces of fruit a day won’t make you any healthier. Too much protein also goes straight down the toilet.

    As far as cost and scaling up go, you are absolutely right.

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