These people are weird

To a degree, every one of Disney’s recent string of live-action adaptations of its animated classics has had to justify itself — its reason for existing. The many films Disney has tried to put new spins on have ranged from beloved ’90s films whose remakes failed to serve much purpose, like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, to older films, like Dumbo and The Jungle Book, which unquestionably benefited from applying more progressive contemporary lenses to their initially problematic tellings.

They seem to think that movies – whether you consider them to be art or business – is to advance the project. Instead of, you know, to make money for shareholders?

7 thoughts on “These people are weird”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    which unquestionably benefited from applying more progressive contemporary lenses to their initially problematic tellings.

    I think anyone who thinks the new Jungle Book is better than the old one is delusional. And the old one, as racist as it may have been, was not a patch on the original book.

    Giving into extremists is not a good idea. They should let Kipling Kipple as it were.

  2. “After her gender is inadvertently revealed and she faces disgrace…”

    Triggered! How did a script like this get through the wokeness censors?

  3. Slightly OT but it seems that Prince Ginger has given the Invictus Games the bum’s rush because his Netflix contract (more from Rod L on this, this morning) precludes Sussex involvement in the games due to be streamed by Amazon.

    The poor sap has managed to find a last scrap of his integrity and trash it.

    Such larks!

  4. Mulan credits four cisgender white people for the script, and I spent the entire film being mad at all of them.

    The faults of the film are all because the writers are the wrong sort. Once you read this sort of crap in an article, there’s no point reading on.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    That’s quite sad. The story of the Invictus Games has been inspirational for a lot of military people, and not just those injured in war, we supported a Major who’d been struck down my MS as he trained for one of the sailing events.

    For those who din’t know how it came about, when Harry got outed by the Aussie magazine as being in Afghanistan he was whipped out rather quickly on a Medevac flight and on seeing so many wounded soldiers he vowed to help them,

  6. @SMFS

    Jungle Book …as racist as it may have been

    NO. You’ve fallen down woke rabbit hole. It was not racist and is not racist unless you seek out and define xyz as racist

    Mr Kipling Kipple Tarts ?

    Appears their first show will be “St Diana and Me”

    Prince Harry, exciting news Nonceflix Cuties have hired Meghan – I’m going to be her Gopher

    I hear Prince Harry has got a job as an Andrew Lawrence lookalike. He’ll be available for supermarket openings from next month

    Harry is now “me, me, me”. He abandoned Royal Marines, Invictus no surprise. He’s using Netflix as excuse – contract was his to negotiate

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