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The world can achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of this century for an annual investment of US$1 trillion-US$2 trillion, or up to US$60 trillion over the next 30 years, a coalition of major oil firms, companies in other energy-intensive industries, and banks said.

The Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) is a coalition of 45 leaders from energy producers, energy-intensive industries, financial institutions, and environmental advocates, including BP, Shell, Sinopec Capital, Rio Tinto, ArcelorMittal, Bank of America, HSBC, Iberdrola, Ørsted, and Vattenfall.

Worth checking out at least.

The ETC is co-chaired by Lord Adair Turner

Ah, no, it’s bollocks.

Further, over and above it being bollocks because it’s Adair Turner the co-chairman manages to allow them to misspell his own name/title in the report itself. He ain’t the second or subsequent son of a Duke. He’s Adair Turner, Lord Turner, even, if he really wants, Adair, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell. But something he ain’t is Lord Adair Turner.

It’a also bollocks in the technical sense because it just doesn’t address the main question. Do we do all this now, or as soon as possible – or do we do the sensible thing as Bill Nordhaus says and replace worn out stuff with emissions free rather than tearing down perfectly good functional stuff to replace it? Without addressing that question you’re not being serious.

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  1. When people work out that the Covid scam is a reworking of the AGW one on steroids, handing power and sacrificing wealth to unaccountable organisations , I hope these people will disappear under rocks because they’re too scared to go out in public. Lynching is too good.

  2. It’s almost always better (even in pure carbon emission terms) to wait for a thing to wear out rather than replace early with a more efficient model. VW (OK, not perhaps the most reliable source for fuel consumption numbers) claim that you need to put 120,000km on an electric Golf, before its lifetime emissions drop below a regular variant.

  3. Ljh, perhaps soon we’ll start to see some non-blacks knifing some fuckers in the neck. This is just a fantasy of mine, I would never advocate such dastardly action.

  4. “The ETC says that countries and companies have to believe that net-zero is feasible and economically affordable to start planning the policies to get to the net-zero vision. ”

    That’s the rub… Most countries and companies may pay lip service to the idea, but they sure as hell aren’t even close to being convinced that it’s even possible. Especially the “economically affordable” bit.

    And could be me, but I have the feeling that investing that amount of cash in some decent research in, and building of proper failsafe nuclear plants + post-fission processing you’d be far further along that “carbo-neutral” goal than chasing the hydrogen pipe-dream as they seem to be.

  5. Stopping climate change and stopping COVID: the same expensive, impossible idiocy and unnecessary activity by mentally deranged people whose minds rather than producing ideas, are produced and trapped by ideas.

  6. Was it at Downside that they thrashed into you the proper forms of address for Barons, Earls and Counts, along with the order of precedence for all military awards, ladywives of very reverends, etc? Or was that LSE?

  7. BiG

    Good to see you back. Really.

    The answer is no. Any gentleman, and frankly anybody, should know that. Definitions are important, even if they are about things you think are not important. Especially.

  8. windmills with deep gas backup, sorted.
    We are nowadays so good at fulfilling our material needs that we really can opt for cunt’s electricity and get away with it.

  9. No, the first question you ought to ask is ‘Why the fuck should we?’ Where is the proof, where is the due diligence for the sizing of a problem which magically requires a solution which fits exactly with the beliefs of those who claim there is a problem and for which ANY other solution which might work better may not, can not, be suggested?

  10. Dear Mr Worstall

    The mind-set of the permanently addicted to other people’s money: “A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking serious money”.

    Squandering it on an impossible dream is all part of the process of getting comfortably through life without having to say you’re sorry for the destruction in your wake. That the end point of “net zero” would put all the planet’s flora back on starvation diets is neither here nor there. The fact that all the trillions will be wasted is irrelevant.

    Same with covid – though I bet the greens are truly upset that the decades they have spent trying to trash the world economy was achieved by something they cannot see (unless, perhaps, you are Greta Thunberg) in just six months, whilst ending freedom, democracy and the rule of law in every free-ish nation. Discovering that you can make entire populations wear face nappies and perform all manner of ordained rituals “to save just one life”, is a bonus. And the sheeple applaud as well.

    I’m not sure what a trillion dollars will buy when the few that are left are back in caves, hunting and gathering and banging rocks together for entertainment.


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