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To aid, as ever

I tried to summarise modern monetary theory in a Tweet this morning

So, let us do that:

Free government!

Because that is the underlying message. We can give up ever more direction of our lives to government and it won’t cost a thing.

That there will be costs – government control of us – is the bit not being said.

7 thoughts on “To aid, as ever”

  1. Dennis, He Who Has A Degree In Economics

    For the ages:

    I tried to summarise modern monetary theory in a Tweet this morning:

    It loses some nuance.

    Gee, ya think?

  2. “I tried to summarise modern monetary theory in a Tweet this morning”.

    As he suffers from acute verbal diarrhea that would have been tough.

    how about

    “MMT is an unproven economic theory, clearly developed by an economist rather than a scientist as a scientist would want to experiment on mice first, not people”


    “Up until a couple of years ago I had never heard of MMT, today I am the world’s leading expert in it and by tomorrow I will have invented it”

  3. He’d love to be advising Dictator Dan in Victoria right now, especially with a police force that is dedicated to enforcing government policy.

  4. Summary of MMT
    Governments with guns when subjects are forbidden guns can hand out pieces of worthless paper in exchange for labour or goods provided by the subjects with no fear of demands for justice.

  5. Dan deserves to be publicly hanged in his little Commissar uniform.

    That would be the main event–after his costumed thug video All-Star’s get beaten to death in front of a mass parade of the entire rest of Victoria’s Plod–with good order ensured by lots of theses beauties pointed their way:

  6. Andrew C – excellent tweets – the man deserves a train set, personalised tax haven complementary Fair Tax Mark plus an ‘I Came Away from Dachau’ tee!

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