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We suspect this has long been true

Mental health
I thought mental illness meant I’d never be a doctor. Now I’m a consultant psychiatrist
Rebecca Lawrence

Very few ever having met a sane psychiatrist…..

30 thoughts on “We suspect this has long been true”

  1. I’ve always thought surgeons must be oddballs. How can it be otherwise, given that they are comfortable with slicing and sawing into people?

  2. I thought being a bumbling oaf meant I’d never be of any use to anybody. Now I’m Prime Minister.

    (Rejig disability and achievement to suit any political opinion…)

  3. A woman I knew in London was a marriage guidance councillor. Her past was littered with past failed relationships. At least two ex-husbands. At any one time she was in simultaneous dysfunctional relationships with at least two blokes. She definitely had vast experience in the subject.
    And there was the psychiatric nurse called the police in over the flying saucer was hovering above her house.

  4. If I was a sadist I’d choose to be a dentist. There’s a very fine line between too much anaesthetic and too little, the right place and the wrong place.

  5. A couple of steps up from what my theatre sister relative calls “Madwives”, I suppose.

    The correct term (confirmed by my GP sister) is “midwitches”.

  6. “Stakeholders who wish to participate in the consultation are able to do so until Sept 18 2020.”
    So you’ve all day tomorrow, stakeholders. Better get a move on.

  7. I have mental health issues too: any time I take public transport I will almost always end up with the nutter sitting next to me

  8. It’s proctologists I wonder about
    Some years ago I had a bog-standard (I thought) driving licence renewal (can you see, can you hear) medical in Hong Kong from a British doc who had been recommended to me. VERY thorough, resulting in a complete strip and finger up the bum which did give me pause as to how it might affect my ability to drive. Cost me 50 quid (discounted 50%).
    The guy had a black eye which he claimed was due to being hit in the eye by a golf ball. I did wonder…

  9. I’ve had cause to work along mental health professionals on a regular basis as a health care professional.

    My analysis is that most people working in mental health signed up as a way to self diagnose.

  10. Hold on… ECT?!! In this day and age?!! Is that even still allowed as a “therapy” in the UK?!!

    What. the. ruddy. hell…. ?

  11. “few ever having met a sane psychiatrist”

    Or journalist from listening to this afternoon’s Media Show on Radio 4.

    Woman complaining there’s not enough diversity in the media, complaining that there’s “only” 12% ethnic minority in journalism…. and in the breath refered to the census data showing that ethnic minorities are 14% of the population.

    “30% of presenters are ethnic minorities, this isn’t diverse enough”
    yerrwot??? I don’t know what she thinks the word “diverse” means, but it’s clearly not “representative of the population”.

    “There are some parts of the country where ethinic minorities outnumber white people…”
    Me thinking: yeah but we’re talking about *national* media, if Radio Leicester wants to…
    “in Luton 30% are ethnic minorities…”
    Wait, what? Can this woman count? Percentages go up to 100 not 60.

    “Out of 110 front-page news stories only one featured a black woman…”
    Black population – 4%. Black women – 2%. One in 110 is close enough to exactly spot on. Again – does this moron actually know how numbers work?

  12. “Out of 110 front-page news stories only one featured a black woman…”

    Diane Abbott. Has to be. But which particular blunder?

  13. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    Andrew C –

    Looked at his CBCR video and didn’t see anything. Link?

    What’s more, he’s got himself a second shirt!

  14. AndrewC: Spud is trying to get me banned from his YouTube channel.

    So the “C” in “AndrewC” stands for “cancelled”? I couldn’t find either on TRUK or his youtube what you were referring to but if you could provide a link of sorts, I’d be happy to mock him vigorously.

  15. Important

    If you haven’t responded to this Government consultation on the roll out of a Covid vaccine, you probably should, particularly if you’re a scientist. It begins: “COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history…” and it’s all downhill from there.
    To give you a taste of what it is the Government is “consulting” about doing, read the section on liability.
    The deadline for responding is September 18th

    I’m all in favour of self/parental administration of Flu vaccine – done it since 1989. Health “profession” against to preserve their image, jobs and ‘magic’

    Page 5
    New regulation 247A
    14.After regulation 247 (exemption for supply in the event or in anticipation of pandemic disease) insert
    “Protocols relating to coronavirus and influenza vaccinations and immunisations
    (1) Regulations 214, 220 and 221 do not apply to the supply or administration of a medicinal product
    (a) for parenteral administration; and
    (b) used for vaccination or immunisation against coronavirus or influenza virus (of any type)

    Yes, yes, yes

  16. One sycophantic, from what I can see.

    But you’re right about the shirt. From Oxfam’s ‘Executive’ range, I’d say.

  17. ‘I have mental health issues too: any time I take public transport I will almost always end up with the nutter sitting next to me’

    Just remember the time you don’t get a nutter next to you is the time you are the nutter…………..

  18. Just remember the time you don’t get a nutter next to you is the time you are the nutter

    Works for keeping the next seat empty! 🙂

  19. ‘Very few ever having met a sane psychiatrist….’

    My niece’s husband is a psychiatrist. A little distant, maybe, but he’s a good, sane, guy.

    I once had a lawyer who was a good guy, too. Just lucky, I guess.

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