What in buggery do you expect to happen, idiot?

There must be something in the air, from Scout Willis’s fringed covering to Lana Del Rey’s delicate pale pink mesh mask on the cover of Interview magazine’s September issue, it feels like the mask is finally being embraced beyond its role as a garment of medical necessity.

Human beings like to show status. They will do so by fancying up those things that are used in life. There is no explanation for gold plates – heck, for any porcelain or china above earthenware – fashion or Ferraris other than that.

Equally obvious is that in a time of masks eye make up will become more of a focus than lipstick. This is just how humans work – haven’t you met any?

5 thoughts on “What in buggery do you expect to happen, idiot?”

  1. Beg to disagree, without glazing, earthenware is porous, and so not useful for many things unless glazed. Plain unglazed stoneware is waterproof, and vitrified ware is far stronger for long term use. You might as well say that we should just use sunbaked/dried clay plates, a bit weak maybe, but functional. Tricky to wash though.

  2. Girl I know turned up at a restaurant in a metallic silver one. Tres chic! Problem of course, that sort of material isn’t permeable. But the manufacturer had put some holes a couple of mm in diameter in the mouth area so she could breath

  3. As a rule a status signal requires a loss of practicality. Think high heels v trainers, bowler hats v beanies, and everything in between.

  4. @Boganboy… I’m probably preaching to the choir, but with the exception of professionally-fitted N95+ models, no masks are more than marginally effective. There are quite a few papers published that measure the efficacy of fitted and unfitted masks of various types, and it doesn’t make for encouraging reading for “a bedwetter”.. 🙂

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