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What stigma?

Pantone has unveiled a new shade of red inspired by the colour of women’s periods, as part of a new campaign to end the stigma associated with menstruation.

Yes, OK, certain Nepali things like menstruation huts and so on. But here and now in the west? What damn stigma? When the with wings stuff soaks up the blue liquid during every ad break can we really say we’re a society that stigmatises?

18 thoughts on “What stigma?”

  1. ’… it hoped would “embolden people who menstruate to feel proud of who they are”.’

    They mean women. They are the only people capable of it.

  2. 21st Century business plan:

    1 – Select an approved ‘Oppressed Group’*
    2 – Select an approved ‘oppressive characteristic’*
    3 – ?
    4 – Profit!

    *Full details will have been provided to you as part of your GCSE in ‘Required Social Attitudes’.**

    ** If your school has implemented Education Directive 874/B ‘Faling to Teech Anyfing at all’, an up-to-date list can always be obtained from any local Left-Wing political organisation, or any Civil Service establishment.

  3. I haven’t been paying much attention as I should have, but I’d guess round about Pantone 209. Pantone IIRC correctly never used to have names for colours.
    If I was hunting Menstrual Red I’d be more likely to look in the Farrow and Ball catalogue.

  4. Period red? To be followed by faecal brown (multiple shades), piss green and pus yellow to banish the stigma of excretion and acne.

  5. “They could call it “Otherende–for the Silent Mouth”

    The word ‘queef’ has obviously passed you by, Ecksy.

  6. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    Goodness; I should have realised that that had a proper name.

    Plus it’s monosyllabic, indicative of frequent and wide spread (see what I did there?) usage.

  7. You know, I suspect that if men talked about periods, women would insist that it be illegal.

    Is there a stigma? Perhaps. Still. But so what? I suggest we all try in the next week to talk about periods as often as possible. My guess is that Human Resources would be involved by next Tuesday.

  8. “When the with wings stuff soaks up the blue liquid during every ad break can we really say we’re a society that stigmatises?”

    Surely the fact that they use blue liquid rather than red suggests that some people find the topic a bit, you know, not nice dear.

  9. ‘Pantone has unveiled a new shade of red’

    There hasn’t been a new shade of red since God created the Heavens and the Earth.

  10. “what stigma?” – quite. Just a tactic. Pre-empting something that won’t happen allows your credo to take the credit for it not happening.

  11. Ecks: “Surprised they haven’t yet come up with a lipstick for her …other end .”

    A millennium or so too late.. Those Romans.. Such droll, such decadence.. 😉
    Although to be fair it seems they nicked the practice from the Greeks, who in turn seem to have nicked it from the Persians.

    And yes… There’s modern equivalents, and they sell.. 😛

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