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Why it’s worth reading the Mail

You get twice as much subsidy from the government:

8 thoughts on “Why it’s worth reading the Mail”

  1. Government funding undefined projects. Y’all must have lots of money.

    Last paragraph: “Householders taxes will be going up to cover the cost.”

  2. So the Gov will give me money to get some cowboy builder to make my loft space unusable, and to seal up all the household ventilation so I need electric dehumidifiers to stop the mould growing on the condensation?
    And fill the wall cavity with crap, so the rain leaks in.

    Great, where do I sign?

  3. Bankers boy and Macron clone (save for not being married to his Granny and the horse-ride out homo trysts with his bodyguards) Spewknack seems–like Blojob –to think that funny money has magical cure all properties. So why not sling a few more million we don’t have anyway about? In the Green cause of course. Employ a very few of the soon to be unemployed-for-years masses.

  4. Now that Blojob has triumphed over his cowardly MPs why not a million?

    And before any scumbag starts wanking about “you were happy enough for him to triumph over his MPs on Brexit ” lets make the point.

    Brexit was an instruction to the state from the British people. LD tyranny is not. Last year we had shitehouse MPs who thought they were the masters–subservient to their own EU masters of course. This year at Hogwarts we have a mental case PM who has decided to destroy us in order to save us. Or a coward who will destroy because he cant/wont admit he pee’d his pants after bad advice he was dumb enough to swallow. We’ll leave the globo-elite out for now.

    The Tory rebellion was classic Tory cowardice. They ALWAYS fail–unless betraying UK to EU is what they are about. Only then have they stuck with it. But every other band of Tory rebel show yellow within days and yesterday was no exception.

    They have a promise to be allowed questions/vote “if possible”. That negates it in itself. And Johnson now has local scum-hysterics on the job. Inc powers of violence for Covid Marshalls. I u’stand it is ltd to use on mugs told to self-isolate rather than out on the street. A lot of those 10 day house arrest mugs will deserve their travail for taking tests and being dumb enough to give real details to T&T.

    Most notable was ZaNu and Stumours refusal to back repeal of Coro. A chance to inflict a defeat on a Govt which humiliated Labour in Dec last. ZanU obv want Johnson’s tyranny powers for themselves now he has set the precedent but they have to win GE first.

    There MAY still be a slight maj of UK bedwetters. Prob majority just passive/weak. But gathering econ chaos will give the gutless something more real to be terrified about. How to pay bills and put enough food on table. I think virus -freak hysteria is heading for the shitter.

    As is UK itself.

  5. @Mr Ecks

    Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, later announced the details of the peace deal, which will make national Covid measures subject to a vote “wherever possible” provided they do not hold up urgent regulations needed to save lives.”

    Meaningless: local until everywhere, “wherever possible”, “urgent regulations needed to save lives” – thats no scrutiny, votes then

    “Whatever happened to Boris Johnson? We were promised Winston Churchill and we got Neville Chamberlain. Bojo has officially lost his mojo”

    Instead of a Government leading this country they seem intent on micro-managing peoples lives, with masks, 10pm curfews and telling us who we can see, when and where

    Gerard Batten: ”Boris looks like a man with a gun at his back”. Boris is compromised in some way, he hasn’t been the same person since he came out of ‘hospital’. The man is clearly terrified of something.

    Opposition in HoC? None. Labour agree, but want more lockdown – everyone in a cage being thrown some stale bread like students. UK Human battery farm

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