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Wonder what the insurance company thinks?

For it is the corporate insurance policy which pays for this:

Duncan Bendall took his wife, Fiona, and their company The Female Social Network (TFSN) to an employment tribunal claiming he was discriminated against because he is a man and due to his nationality when he was pushed out of the firm.
He also claimed unfair dismissal after she ousted him following the breakdown of their marriage.

An employment judge awarded him more than £100,000 for race discrimination and unfair dismissal, but rejected his claims he was fired due to his gender.

The tribunal heard Mr Bendall received an email from his wife three months before he was sacked in August last year in which she said: I hate Australian mentality and you have it [in] droves just sh**…And DO NOT say you are a founder in MY business MY efforts ever again You Leech – you don’t even believe in women or have ever stuck your neck out.

Mr Bendall claimed he was dismissed as a result of his gender and nationality, and told the panel his wife kept treating Australia as an inferior race despite the couple living there for 15 years.

That last might be because, not despite but still.

One way of engineering the divorce settlement. Not that that happened here of course.

3 thoughts on “Wonder what the insurance company thinks?”

  1. I wonder what The Female Social Network does / did to make money. Actaully, I don’t; too boring to think about.

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