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A fun rumour started right here

Does she know where her father’s money and his employees pensions went? I have a hunch she managed Epstein rather than the other way around. There is a great deal of scepticism about his transition from school teacher to billionaire…

Now wouldn’t that be fun if it were true…..

4 thoughts on “A fun rumour started right here”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The fun rumour is that she was in the same business as her father – an agent of influence for Israel. So blackmailing the great and good in the West.

    Epstein’s money would have come out of Mossad’s petty cash.

    It is unlikely but who knows? Our rulers seem determined to make QAnon look like a moderate.

  2. The thing nowadays is that a “fun rumour” is actually pretty plausible..

    The antics the New Elite get up to tend to fall into the category “weel beyond common sense” .

  3. Well, Epstein did get access to a lot of money from the owner of the “Victoria’s Secret” chain, sole rights to manage that person’s billions by some method.

    But I doubt that Mossad had easy access to the sort of money needed to fund Epstein on their own. He was worth about $6-700M at his death, though he claimed to be worth about 4 x that. Millions would be easy to fund, but hundreds of millions, a bit harder to conceal.

  4. Wouldn’t it be cool to join Mossad? Working from home on the internets, getting a salary. I am open to offers, please contact me, Mossad.

    I seem to remember a library book in the late 00’s by writer Etgar Keret, novel collection, one was about head of Mossad whose son didn’t know what his dad did for living, thought dad was just a regular Joe.

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