A hole in the reporting

The Corporatization of Nursing Homes
A tragic history of how we’ve treated elderly citizens, for profit


OK, maybe, let’s see.

Roughly 70 percent of the nation’s 15,400 nursing homes are for-profit, and the gross understaffing on display at Colonial Hill is the flip side of extreme profiteering.

Guess what the one thing we don;t see, anywhere, is? That’s right. A comparison of state run with private run homes on this very metric she claims is important.

Wonder why.

17 thoughts on “A hole in the reporting”

  1. Sounds certainly possible to me. It is way overambitious–but when you have Blojob threaten Andy “too much eye makeup makes you look cheap” Burnham with squaddies on Mancunian streets –it could be khaki trousers MC.

    Johnson isn’t letting go of this shite. The vax is a load of cockrot –not just literally but also due to the fact they wont have one or it will be feeble against Covid AND dangerous to human life.

    So there is no endgame and our economy will be ruined–which is where the video kicks off from.

  2. Mr Ecks, this is the human tendency to perceive patterns in chaos (see Martian canals, etc).

    Since it seems implausible that government can be so utterly, profoundly and persistently incompetent (chaos), the natural inclination is to assume a deliberate conspiracy (pattern).

    But they really are just useless cunts, stuck on stupid.

    If they tried world.gov for real they would face an army of Anders Breveiks, without the Nazi salutes and general inefficiency.

  3. For the very little its worth PJF they’d face me as well. But it is still following events closely enough to be a worry. I suppose I still have some unexpected optimism about the human race–like dental decay hidden under a gum. I just cant believe Johnson is as thick as he would have to be to NOT have planned all this.

  4. ‘extreme profiteering’

    0.1% ROI?

    ‘had slashed payroll so drastically’

    Staffing in nursing homes has been problematic for >6 months, as employees think “They ain’t payin’ me enough to risk dying from this s#|+.”

    I.e., management probably didn’t ‘cut payroll.’ Payroll cut payroll.

    As Tim says, probably identical situation in government care facilities. But Mz Tkacik doesn’t hate government. Meaning this isn’t about care homes at all. It’s about hatred for business and making money. She exploits the elderly, frail to push her communist agenda. She is not empathetic; she is exploitive.

  5. And the staff think it’s not worth what they pay me to deal with this deadly disease because the media has hyped up the fatality factor so much.
    Still better than Canada where they had to send in the military as staff abandoned care homes, especially in Quebec

  6. I’d prefer a state-run institution to a private nursing home, said nobody ever.

    PJF – I’m not sure Martian canals is a valid example of pareidolia. Wasn’t that just a mistranslation of ‘channels’, which undoubtedly do exist.

  7. The perception of canals on Mars is pretty much a text book example of pareidolia. The wiki page on the subject has Martian canals as a specific entry.

    The channels / canals translation issue was merely one of natural origin vs intelligent design. Natural channels do exist on Mars (e.g. Valles Marineris) but none line up with Schiaparelli’s maps.

  8. PJF: I recall the days when the Big Tech was for the free and open exchange of ideas and when politicians weren’t bought and paid for by the CCP and to think otherwise was to be a conspiracy theorist.

  9. Covid has re-booted the absurd Agenda 21 conspiracy theory – with added anti-vax propaganda.

    Sea kelp, Ecksy.

  10. A friend of mine ended up in a state run facility.
    First in hospital – state run – he would lie in bed with his breakfast in front of him. Having been badly burned he could not move his arms to feed himself. No one fed him, breakfast replaced by lunch replaced by dinner.
    His mum finished work at 4.30 and drove 2 hours to the hospital to take him some sandwiches to feed him. That was his sole meal a day for months during the week.
    Weekend he’d also get fed in the afternoon as she’d turn up then.

    Then moved to a state run nursing home for a few months. His meals got more regular if sufficient staff were on duty, days they were short staffed again his mum had to feed him. But was a lot closer to home.
    Eventually he worked out and got built a very long handled fork and spoon. Got food all over himself but also in his mouth.
    Around half the days before he had the spoon & fork built he missed breakfast & lunch entirely.

  11. My mum is in a private care home. She has completely lost her mind and is also completely bedridden, so the nursing home do everything for her, and she has been there 3 years. During the current situation they have made arrangements for my sister to visit her occasionally after Covid-negative checks. Apparently that is the only nursing home in the area that hasn’t had C-19 cases in staff or residents. It’s owned and run by a husband & wife team, and I and the family have nothing but praise and admiration for them & their staff. It’s a crying shame that they can’t all be like that – private & state-run alike.

    I know of another care home that is nothing like that, with lack of staff & rotating managers. It’s run by a conglomerate & residents funded by the local authority. They did keep C-19 out for a while but it eventually did it’s thing to residents and staff.

  12. @TG
    Very similar story with my mum-in-law. She was moved to a private home owned by a local couple known to the family (the wife ran it, and she was an ex-Matron of the good old school). They cleared up the pressure sores she’d suffered in the NHS hospital and looked after her with care and love. When the couple who owned it reached retirement, they sold to a chain and it all went to shit – but the staff who’d been looking after my M-i-L stayed on until she died (after 9 years in care).

  13. You are the one in need of help Theo–as all time Tory mug.

    Bulwark against socialism? BBBBWWWAWAAAHAHAHAHA —and on for 200 more characters.

    Hell–send me your fees–I have done more to attack socialism that your pale piss dolly-blue Dye gang of traitors and wreckers. Led by a gurning Tobyjug full of bad seed he cant keep in his pants.

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