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An interesting idea

The prisoner with a GRC, who allegedly carried out the attack, Monaghan said, had convictions for serious sexual offences against women but was housed in the general population of a women’s prison.

Doesn’t sound hugely sensible:

In a skeleton argument released at the start of the hearing, Karon Monaghan QC, for the prisoner, said that MoJ policies “allow prisoners to be accommodated in the prison estate that corresponds to their declared gender identity, irrespective of whether they have taken any legal or medical steps to acquire that gender”.

Perhaps a little selectivity here. Even, dread word, discrimination?

Possibly, penises convicted of the rape of women might not be put into a women’s prison even if encased in a skirt while those shrivelled to incapacity by hormones and convicted of TV licence avoidance might be?

Or, you know, all being adult about this rather than a toddler’s insistence on being Popeye – IyamwhatIyam?

12 thoughts on “An interesting idea”

  1. Government exists to protect the people. They tire of that* and start protecting freakiness.

    *Even though they are doing a bad job of it.

  2. I’m really old fashioned – must be all that white hair. I’d call all those with a dangling dick blokes and dump them in the blokes prison.

    Of course I’d also argue that the girls started this one with their continual desire to push into male spaces. It’s not surprising that the blokes are striking back.

  3. Put em in female prisons.
    Just stick em in solitary if they have a dick.
    No doubt since Snowflake would moan about their Yuman rights. Must be done argument to make about it being allowed for protecting other vagina bearing inmates.

    If they get fed up, they can go back to general population, but in a gentleman’s prison instead.

  4. “shrivelled to incapacity by hormones” – We’ve been down this road before. Testosterone may be linked to aggression, but it’s more accurate to say the development of aggressive behaviours. Once they’re laid down, removing T doesn’t change the behaviour all that much.

  5. I am all in favour of sex offenders being able to choose a women’s prison: the proviso is that they agree to a radical castration first.

  6. If there was ever a scenario for politicians to vacuously virtue signal with almost zero probability of receiving the consequences, it was voting for men identifying as women to go to a female prison.

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