Why are schools still such hostile places for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children?
Grace Claire O’Neill

How would anyone know if they’re never there?

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  1. Just a thought, but maybe it’s because of the effects their ‘culture’ has on the parents of the other children, especially if they are farmers or have elderly relatives likely to fall for roofing scams?

  2. In the Nordic countries, gypsies don’t go to school either, they enter their tribe’s professions as apprentices: horse trading, horse harness-racing, crime, benefit fraud accross country borders, shop-lifting, etc.

    At my dad’s workplace there was a toilet for customer use. Gypsy women who only shop-lifted, didn’t buy anything (they have those huge dresses which have pockets on the inside…) used the toilet for washing their you-know-what using that small bidet shower head one can find in every Nordic toilet (it’s the law). When ever gypsy women approached my dad quickly deattached and hid the shower head.

  3. Ooh, I know this one! It’s the assaults on teachers and pupils, theft and property damage, with a staggering sense of entitlement thrown in for good measure, isn’t it?Both as a school governor and as father of a year 7 child I have frequently had to deal with the fallout from the violent and disruptive actions of traveller children and their parents. On the odd occasion that they turn up, an overwhelmingly huge proportion of them simply behave like feral animals. Does that answer your question Grace?

  4. Actually MB, schools get a chunk of extra money for each scamp on the roll. So ideally they want a whole load load of them signed up but not actually attending. Of course then you have to deal with the effect it has on the attendance stats and subsequent roasting from Ofstead.

  5. ‘GRT’? Another set of initials for a focus group to examine and a set of activists to get funded for?

    I am tempted to apply to the government for a grant to support my MAWLABCFUTTBT* Action Support Group.

    *Middle-Aged White Law-Abiding British Citizens Fed Up To The Back Teeth, since you ask…

  6. What if instead of pigeon-holing people into defined intersectional groups we treated them according to their behaviour?

  7. “I think there’s also a huge difference between the Roma and the pikeys.”

    There’s not a lot of difference between anti-social scumbags and predatory parasites.

  8. What if instead of pigeon-holing people into defined intersectional groups we treated them according to their behaviour?
    How dare you. That’s clearly racist,sexist, transphobic etc etc. People should only be treated as the downtrodden victim group they belong to, whether they like it or not. Now, where my latest grant cheque…

  9. The problem with both Roma and Pikey’s is that they are a parasitic society that only exists because of the tolerance/ineffectiveness of our legal system in dealing with them and modern police fears of being called racist / “Literally Hitler”.

    These parasites both exploit aspects of our legal system to basically do what they like without genuine fear of consequence. The knowledge that they are essentially untouchable for the majority of the petty crime and anti-social behaviour they commit gives them a stranglehold over the local communities they invade, be it temporarily like when they park up on the local cricket pitch or more permanently when they buy agricultural land and then “move in”.

    Start applying the law with the parasites the same you would for the “landed” community (i.e. decent, law-abiding folk) and all of a sudden a lot of the problems they cause disappear. Start seizing their vehicles / caravans and treating their trespassing as illegal with the full force of the law and it’ll stop happening.

    It’s that simple.

  10. Its a real problem in our neck of the woods, when you look at the details of the school amongst the information you can get in the pupil turnover. When you come to the smaller village schools, it is often quite high.
    You know how feminist women are when someone has to go downstairs to check there is not a burglar in the house? That’s how sensitive to the needs of travelling people parents are when they pick a school for their own children. The result is that village schools get worse and often close.
    Personally I would be astonished if it was possible to be worse than some the stationery inbreds who suck resources out of schools courts and social services .(Brexit voters natch)..
    Nonetheless avoided said schools myself

  11. I worked in Further Education for 30 years. Schools might be hostile environments for traveller children, but we worked really hard to enrol travellers onto our courses, and to retain them and to get them to pass a recognised qualification; because our success rates and our income and jobs depended on it.

    God, we worked hard. We put up with abuse, foul language, threats, assaults, and theft. I don’t think we could have been less hostile.

  12. Sam Vara –hopefully you have learned from that experience.

    Facepaint–Treason school was your only education. And like remainiacs all you still failed the test.

  13. It’s all about their “rights” never about their responsibilities. Perhaps if they weren’t a bunch of freeloading scumbags then they’d get treated better. Don’t want to be treated like a bunch of cunts – don’t act like a bunch of cunts. Simple.

  14. Schools are hostile environments for traveller children? Lol, they scare grown men in the pubs around here, what do you think they do to kids and teachers in your average school? It’s Gaslighting Week.

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