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Foreign rough sleepers face deportation from UK post-Brexit

Ms. Patel has just gained herself some millions of votes. Whether she should or not depends but I think that will be the general reaction.

19 thoughts on “And?”

  1. Dunno, Tim.

    Yes, actual immigration enforcement would be popular. Otoh, I think the Tories’ jam tomorrow act has congealed over the years.

    Guido had an interesting post yesterday about some nutty Oxford professor who got an Amber Rudd speech declared a “hate incident” by police in 2017. Her speech was the usual bog standard guff about protecting British jobs, and she didn’t mean a word of it.

    It’s 2020, and the cops are still frotting themselves silly over “hate incidents”, the Tories obviously have no intention of stopping that.

    What’s stopping the government from deporting foreign beggars now? Nothing.

    What’s stopping them from preventing illegal immigrants from landing on our beaches now? Nothing.

    While Priti was dangling literal Fantasy Island nonsense in the press about confining migrants to Rockall or whatever, her department was openly boasting via Twitter about how many Afghan colonies it’s setting up in Britain with taxpayer cash.

    Priti got her (pretty) arse handed to her by some activist judges just yesterday, what’s she going to do about that? Probably nothing. Nota Benny – judges only have as much power as the executive allows them to, so it’s a cop out to hide behind the excuse of “lefty lawyers”.

    It’s not lefty lawyers who are operating Border Force as a ferry service for illegals, then putting them up in 4 star hotels (which has already resulted in at least one mass murder attempt, quickly memory holed by the press).

    I don’t think there’s much mileage left in talking a good game, the Tories have been running the same scam for more than two decades now and at some point even the British public is going to stop falling for it.

  2. “Ms. Patel has just gained herself some millions of votes.”

    The trouble is, she’ll have to share them with all her less effective colleagues.

  3. It’s post-Brexit UK, or UK after Brexit, not UK post-Brexit. post-X is a *pre*positional adjective. Just like (close to) entirely all adjectives in English.
    A yellow dog, not a dog yellow.
    A hard sum, not a sum hard.
    An illiterate Guardian writer, not a writer Guardian illiterate.

    But, as we all know, you have to provide definite proof of failing any sort of literacy* ability before you’re allowed to work for the Guardian.

  4. Perhaps we can get rid of the Eastern European pikeys selling the Big Issue too?
    Like Steve, I’ll believe it when I see it. I have come round very sharply to Peter Hitchens’ view that conservativism in Britain needs the death of the Conservative party.

  5. Or coloured person, not person of colour, Black, Asian, Ethnic minority etc…..

    Plus, Google, in this order:
    Happy black woman
    Happy Asian woman
    Happy white woman.

  6. Googlebombing images still works then, as it doesn’t for words.

    Pity, because I regard the fuckwit google bomb as one of my grand achievements

  7. Patel has more hot air out her gob than 100 ordinary human beings do out of BOTH ends.

    Nothing will come of it ever.

    PS Steve -set your sights higher. She is a chunky sour-faced cow you might listen to for 30 seconds and then conclude that was only 29 seconds too long.

    Leave her for Tory groupies like Theo.

  8. conservativism in Britain needs the death of the Conservative party.

    I do wonder if there’s anything worth conserving. How long has it been since there’s been any actual conservatives? Couple generations? What have you got left? Nimby-ism. Some residue Mary Whitehouses, A great deal of vested interest protectors. Something new’s needed. Start again from basics.

  9. Ecksy – don’t tell me which Asian babes I should or shouldn’t think about having middle aged sexy parties with, THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  10. The obvious next step is to deport all rough sleepers and the next step again is to deport all benefit claimants too; after taking away from them their citizenship, because undesirable residuum unpeople are such whatever their nationality.

    Before deportation they will be indentured to work at the global median wage for public or private projects to refund taxpayers of the deportation expenses, plus interest, and if that takes 30 years of indentured work, they deserve it.

    All that will be needed at that point is the discovery of a small mostly arid continent in the southern seas to deport them to.


  11. What Steve said.

    Most of what our political parties do is like WWF wrestling. Two sides showing opposite outlooks. Heroes vs Villains. One exaggerated as the party of nationalism and free markets, the other as out-and-out communists. A news media that just wants performers smashing chairs over each other and using catchphrases, rather than really caring about policy, cost, delivery.

    They even retain the kayfabe at all times in public. It’s only when you start digging that you realise how much is for show, that most MPs have almost no ideology. Starmer could turn Labour into the dream of Ayn Rand and PJ O’Rourke’s lovechild and a lot of them would go along with it. It’s a job that pays better than their talents (which is why they do it).

  12. ‘All that will be needed at that point is the discovery of a small sodden island in the northern seas to deport them to.’

    There Blissex, fixed that one for you.

  13. All that will be needed at that point is the discovery of a small mostly arid continent in the southern seas to deport them to.

    We’ve got enough enough whinging Poms already! Please don’t send any more.

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