Bill Bailey

That age thing about coppers looking young, judges. Rather worrying when a teenage drinking mukka is the old one on Strictly.


It was the other half of the Rubber Bishops I knew better but still….

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  1. Bill Bailey the unfunny so-called comedian, the cunt-faced twat? The one who is a friend to Phil Jupitus, another waste of sperm?

  2. Don’t watch trash tv.

    Heard of Bill Baily though via his role in one of the Johnathon Creek shows–before they decided that crime was too exciting to be included in the “plot” any more.

    Bailey seemed a largely talent free zone however.

  3. Back in the day they had a great routine. Romeo and Juliet, balcony scene. Romeo (Bill) turns up drunk eating a kebab…..

  4. Yeah, remember seeing the Rubber Bishops at Edinburgh in (I think) 1992. I seem to recall a joke about The Jam / Eating Trifle and that Bill Bailey was 55 years old even then.

  5. I saw BB many years ago. A seriously talented musician performer but seemingly unable to go more than 30 seconds without using the words Thatcher, Torys and C*nts. Often all together. It sounds as if he still hasn’t grown up.

  6. In contrast to some, I really like him. He’s a bit more intellectual than most comics, draws on more creative cultural references, and talented with the musical stuff.

  7. I went to see him in March (a mate is a fan and had a spare ticket) when he was working up a new act: “Work in Progress”. As Roué says, no political content.

  8. Out of interest, when did Billy Butlin’s camp entertainment directors take over prime time broadcast TV?

  9. I’ve seen him live and there was no lefty politics.

    I saw him live just before the referendum. He did a bit of a “who’s voting what?” question, and was a bit surprised that Leave seemed to be in the majority. Apart from that, he generally kept off the overt politics.

  10. Let’s not forget his role in Black Books and his routine about what if Star Wars had used darth Vader’s West Country accent

  11. I’m with RlJ, seen Bill Bailey live 5 times and the politics is kept to a minimum. At one show he likened Ed Miliband to a plastic bag in a tree – “no one knows how it got there and no one can be arsed to take it down”. The last time I saw him was at the RAI in Amsterdam where he did have a pop at people who voted for Brexit but it was by no means offensive.

    His show Bill Bailey’s Guide to the Orchestra was excellent.

    Ummmmm – also his Death Metal bands in various accents.

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