Clearly observing a different media landscape to the rest of us

But climate change — which is creating the conditions for fires like these and for extreme, destructive weather of other kinds — isn’t being discussed to any meaningful degree.

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  1. Yarp.

    which is creating the conditions for fires

    I wouldn’t have thought global warming would do that, no. You’d expect more fires to be associated with global cooling, which leads to drier conditions.

  2. It’s a truism that climate change isn’t being discussed. You either follow the line promulgated by great minds such as Attenborough, Prince Charles and the BBC that we are all doomed unless we live in yurts or you are a DENIER. Discussion is not allowed

  3. For a few decades now 2020 has been a popular deadline for all kinds of dire predicions from the climate alarmists. Only three months to go before they are all proven wrong.

    Wild fires are mainly down to poor forest management. They have also been far worse and far more frequent in the past.

  4. If you let lots of tinder accumulate, sooner or later it’s going to burn.

    But as for the reference, it seemed to be pure ‘vote democrat.’ Just what you’d expect of a former movie star looking for a bit of attention.

  5. “According to a new analysis of Americans who rely on major broadcasters as their source of news, only 20% feel “very well-informed” about climate change. ”

    Not surprising..
    Message from major broadcasters v/s observable reality.. Dissociation much?

    This besides the whole question whether or not people who only rely on major US news outlets are actually qualified to have any opinion at all..

  6. ‘But climate change — which is creating the conditions for fires like these and for extreme, destructive weather of other kinds — isn’t being discussed to any meaningful degree.’

    It can’t be. You can’t discuss the undefined to any meaningful degree.

    ‘creating the conditions for fires like these and for extreme, destructive weather of other kinds’

    Oh, and the climate change freaks are clownish. Wildfires in North America are down 90% from the 1930s.

  7. “Climate Change not being discussed” What?
    You cannot escape the endless wittering.

    Even on Gardeners’ World: the reason for Monty Don’s poor tomato harvest in the greenhouse is of course “Climate Change” which simultaneously explains the excellent tomato harvest he had OUTSIDE the greenhouse. The climate being utterly different across the garden of course.
    Only in his closing comments did he mention that the greenhouse is full of vines, so for the last couple of years, the greenhouse tomatoes have been growing in the deep shade of the vine leaves.
    How hard is that to figure out?
    But no, it’s Climate Change, Wah!

  8. You can’t even get a believer to discuss it other than to make unsupported assertions supported by bogus apeals to authority. They (or at least the ones I’ve met, who include a couple of IPCC lead authors) don’t seem to know what evidence is.

  9. Tony Heller has an excellent video up pointing out the deliberate disinformation on fires, hurricanes etc. that is repeatedly asserted by the climate doomsters in order to push their destructive agenda, (which goes by ‘Build Back Better’ these days).

  10. Off topic, and talking about climate change and XR, interesting thing happened a week ago, nn Finland a branch office of XR closed a street in Helsinki. The police moved them away quite quickly with bolt cutters and pepper spray. The Priti Patel equivalent minister, from the Green party, wants to look into whether the police acted unlawfully and too heavy-handedly. The police there are not politicised yet and one could sense the minister’s frustration about that. She is also a big fan of intersectional feminism, whatever the fuck means. These vile concepts are spreading.

  11. @Jussi

    “Intersectional Feminist:
    A woman who drops off her 11 year-old daughter in an ’empowered’ Madonna outfit in downtown Karachi to improve race relations, picks up what’s left of her after being gang raped for a week, and puts the blame on men of European descent.”

    From Urban Dictionary, but sounds about right..

  12. There’s a sort of horrible symmetry here. Just as primitive man made up gods so he could placate them, a great many “modern” people, having no idea how the world around them works, are making up stories to make themselves feel as if they have some control. Same mechanism, different subject.

  13. RLJ: Too true. One thinks of the mighty witch Greta, and her profound insight into the ways of the weather. Or me, trying to make my mobile phone work.

  14. Robert Fucking Redford wearing a cheap wig and spreading climate hysteria and lies on CNN.

    We have shown here that the widely held perception of increasing fire and fire impacts at the global and some regional scales is not well supported by the realities that the available data show…The data available to date, however, do not support a general increase in area burned or in fire severity for many regions of the world. Indeed, there is increasing evidence suggesting that there is overall less fire in the landscape today than there has been centuries ago

  15. Let’s compare the frequency and severity of these fires in areas and countries that manage their forestry and those that don’t. Both share the same climate. Would be interesting, which is why you won’t see it.

  16. Slightly off topic, but wildfires are an example of Earth’s homeostasis (without going the full Lovelock) with respect to atmospheric oxygen content. As this increases wildfires burn longer, and if it gets as high as 24%, which seems to have happened in the geological past, wildfires will burn uncontainably. The burning consumes oxygen and things return to the status quo.

  17. I noticed during reports on the California wildfires references to ‘firebreaks’. Got me wondering, why are there firebreaks?, have we not learned that these wildfires are ‘natural’ and we should not attempt to stop them. Indeed, inasmuch as we might intervene, should we not set the fires if nature has not done so for ‘some period’?

  18. We do in the SE, johnnybonk.

    Pinus palustris is dependent on periodic fires. It is completely adapted, with a grass stage that protects the terminal bud from fire. Managed P. palustris forests are given a prescribed burn about every 3 years.

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