Cretinous idiot

Halima Begum is director of the race equality thinktank the Runnymede Trust

Yep, you Halima, a cretin.

Absolute transparency around remuneration is the only way to achieve this goal. Here, the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 is instructive. As organisations such as the BBC have found to their cost, failing to address the historical remuneration bias towards men is a surefire way to incur the wrath of both serving staff and the public.

But the government has failed to make the ethnicity pay gap report mandatory, effectively ignoring numerous important reviews and consultations, including the 2017 McGregor-Smith review, which found racism affects ethnic minority workers in every aspect of the labour market.

The gender pay gap is 9.6%. The ethnicity pay gap is 2.3%.

The thing that we do not have transparency and reporting upon is, by the standards of these things, solved. The thing we do have transparency and reporting upon is not solved. This is not a logical argument in favour of transparency and reporting as a solution to such problems.

You cretin.

4 thoughts on “Cretinous idiot”

  1. The lady admits that British Indians and British Chinese are doing just fine thank you while claiming all the rest are hamstrung by structural racism and latent Islamophobia (why latent?).

    She ignores the facts and concentrates on the feels.

  2. All the BBC needs to do is cut the pay of male employees.

    Bring Emily Maitliss’s salary down to what Andrew Neil was on. Then halve it on the grounds that she is a tedious harridan.

  3. I can’t find the Runnymede Trust’s roster, race and remuneration online.

    Can’t find LEGO Foundation’s – where she came from – either.

    As well as being a creepy race baiter, she is also a hypocrite. THEE must have transparency. Absolute transparency.

  4. ” I can’t find the Runnymede Trust’s roster, race and remuneration online.”

    Not many white people work at the Runneymede trust, so it doesn’t count.

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