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El Snippa is Snippa

Well, no, not really. Creative destruction is simply the advance of technological change. The connection with markets and neoliberalism is only that these are good ways of gaining the technological change.

As to invisible hands Adam Smith actually used it as proof that capital will always pay some portion of corporate taxation. But then that’s actual economics so not something we can expect Dickie to understand.

Perhaps also worth pointing out that economics doesn’t even pretend to be a method of divining routes to salvation. That’s more about the Grandpa figure with the beard than it is Karl.

11 thoughts on “El Snippa is Snippa”

  1. A belief in creative destruction is based on the idea that there is an invisible hand within capitalism.

    No it isn’t.

    That in turn requires a belief that greed is the sole route to human salvation.

    No it doesn’t.

    Johnson and Cummings are of that opinion.

    No they aren’t.

  2. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    Need I even say it? Ecks is shut out again.

    Richard Murphy Super Genius claims today’s coveted Dennis’s Modern Day Moron of the Day award for a tweet that literally makes no sense.

    Come on, Ecksy, finish gnawing through those straps and get to work!

  3. Bit unfair Dennis. Spud is in a different league when it comes to being “dumb as fuck”. He’s rewritten the rules, torn up the record books, walked off with all the trophies created an arena only he occupies. Given only one choice, Spud will somehow choose the wrong one, if the target was tied to the end of the gun barrel, he’d still shoot and miss. Shakespeare was famous for inventing new words but even he would give up if tasked with coming up with something to describe the utterly moronic conclusions that Spud comes to.

    No one can compete with that.

  4. They couldn’t find a straight jacket to fit your fat septic carcase Denise. Still waiting to hear how Trump cant be cheated by Demo lawyers bcos 2×2. Your ad homs–moron/moron/moron, moron and moron lack that nuance that your Scots German heritage should surely endow you with.

    Now enough of one scummy egoman and on to others.

    Johnson is BlueMarxist scum. He probably thinks an “invisible hand” is a gadget to scratch his bollocks –if like Dennis he can occ find them.

    Cummings–well lots say all sorts about Cummings but it isn’t clear what is going on. They say he is an eco-freak. But that is Blojerks trademark and has been for decades. He is supposed to be behind the lockdown but I cant see how he or anyone benefits from a ruined UK economy. I haven’t heard he is a NWO. fan. The fact that we haven’t yet shown yellow on Brexit suggests to me that Cummings is running that as Blojob IS Mr Yellow-except where he should change tack–LDs etc–where he wont. The very essence of the weak leader throughout history. Last of the Tsar’s springs to mind. Weak where he should have been strong and utterly unyielding where he should have thought more carefully. .

    Incidentally according to a group of lawyers inc Martin Howev who I respect–we need to be rid of the entire Withdrawl Agreement Blojerk signed or we are still in danger of being scammed by the EU.

  5. Dennis, The Roy Bean of Westerville

    Andrew C –

    There is much wisdom in what you say, but you do not deny the master his due just because he is the master.

  6. It was Cummings alongside Gove that did all the heavy lifting at the Dept. of Education when “Call Me Dave” was running the show.
    I reckon that Gove is heavily involved with the whole Brexit negotiations. He’s the only one that has the intellectual heft and I reckon that it’s his hidden hand that has kept the Brexit negotiations on the right track.

  7. “Johnson and Cummings are of that opinion.”

    Spud is as usual wide of the mark. Johnson is to the left of Cameron on everything except Brexit. He and Cummings are economic interventionists. Cummings is a technocrat with some radical nostrums. He’s more right-wing than Johnson,though. Spud can’t acknowledge all this because he’s committed himself to portraying Johnson and Cummings as both fascist and free market zealots when they are neither.

  8. One thing we can be sure of, Theo. Whatever Cameron, Johnson & Cummings are, it isn’t conservative.

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