How language changes

Becciu has denied any wrongdoing. But this did not stop Italians from speculating about his relations with Cecilia Marogna, 39, like him a native of Sardinia. Dubbed a “Mata Hari” in the press, she reportedly introduced herself in the Vatican, inaccurately, as his “niece”.

Upon meeting an actual billionaire a friend of mine was introduced to his niece. The billionaire’s niece that is. Who did seem to be employed more to engage in the activity that produces families rather than was a product of the billionaire’s wider family.

Among Cardinals the meaning is traditionally different, referring to the family produced more directly by the Cardinal in breach of his vows.

So, which of these meanings is, umm, meant here?

Cecilia Marogna denies that she acted behind Rome’s back: “I have a letter from the cardinal authorizing me to travel and have diplomatic relations to help the Church in difficult territory” such as the Middle East, Uganda, Mali or Burkina Faso

Ah, that explains that then. An expert in Ugandan affairs……

8 thoughts on “How language changes”

  1. I got there at the end of the second paragraph. but I thought it would be the cardinal who oversaw Uganda from the Holy See. GMTA, FSD

  2. I am reminded of the joke about Bishop Casey going to the Philippines and attending confession taken by Cardinal Sin; “Bless me Sin, for I have fathered.”

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I personally think that the gray dull blanket nineteenth century Protestants pulled over Christianity as a whole was a mistake. The Catholics need more mediaeval Christianity. More Saint processions, more Saint George medallions – and a lot more interesting Popes and Cardinals.

    So what if he is sleeping around? Seems relatively harmless. It is not and never has been central to his job.

  4. I spent the night at a Russian oligarch’s Dacha 20 odd years ago. He even beat the crap out of my back with oak leaves while we had a late night sauna drinking large amounts of vodka, and I repaid the compliment. When we first arrived, I assumed that the drop dead gorgeous, Anna Kournikova look alike, was his daughter, as the evening progressed, it was clear that she wasn’t.

  5. “she reportedly introduced herself in the Vatican, inaccurately, as his “niece”.”

    Do they mean “Inaccurately” or falsely? It suggests that it was almost correct, just not quite accurate – that she was perhaps actually his cousin’s daughter – but I wonder whether that is right. Avoiding directly accusing her of lying, or just a dodgy translation from an Italian original?

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