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The FBI is investigating whether the exposure of Hunter Biden’s emails was linked to a foreign intelligence effort to undermine the US election.
Agents seized a laptop and hard drive containing the emails at the end of last year, according to a subpoena issued by a US district court in Delaware. They are looking at potential foreign involvement, NBC News reported.
On Wednesday the New York Post published some of the emails, including one from an adviser to Ukrainian energy company Burisma, for which Hunter Biden worked while his father was vice president.

Because shouting about Russians is so much more effective than actually trying to answer the questions “Did you really do that, Hunter?”

Still, an interesting question for American journalists. Anyone doorstepped Hunter yet?

Actually, that is an interesting question. Son of a Senator won’t get Secret Service protection. Son of a serving President will. Son of a VP? Dunno. But it’s at least possible that Hunter had SS protection for years which could be interesting. And he might have it now too – son of a P candidate might get it. Which would make doorstepping him hard.

But still, interesting question. Has anyone even tried to ask, well, Hunter, those your emails or not?

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  1. They are looking at potential foreign involvement, NBC News reported.

    It’s kind of like how communists and black fellas keep burning down American cities, and the FBI keeps trying to arrest… mentally retarded Nazi LARPers they entrapped in a chat room.

    Seems unlikely to be an intricate Russian plot, Hunter Biden is a crackhead and crackheads don’t need the KGB to help them fuck up. But the FBI is simply doing its best in the circumstances, which is to throw out as much squid ink as possible to help their bosses get away with felonies.

  2. The Biden campaign haven’t denied any of it. They came out with something about the “official diary” rather than a flat denial that Biden had never met this chap.

    And the more people try and cover it up and do this sort of nonsense, the more people are going to be suspicious.

    More bets are going on Trump since the story broke: https://www.oddschecker.com/us/insight/specials/politics/20201014-us-election-odds-bettors-backing-donald-trump-after-hunter-bidens-ukraine-email-leak

  3. Since the FBI has had the original hard drive for six months the investigation should be near complete- unless they chose to ignore it.

  4. Not exactly ignore it… They may be sitting on the evidence figuring out the best way to …leverage… a quid pro quo depending on who wins the election.

    Career bureaucrats being career bureaucrats and all…

  5. Still, an interesting question for American journalists. Anyone doorstepped Hunter yet?


    Wait, you’re serious?


    No one’s doorstopping Hunter. They’re all in the bag for Biden. No one’s going to do anything to damage his candidacy after all the work they’ve done propping it up. Remember, what is important is to get Trump out. That’s priority number one.

    Hell, Webster’s changed the definition of ‘sexual preference’ within hours of Barret. They’ve been downplaying the NYP as ‘not a real newspaper’. And Twitter and Facebook literally censored linking to the story.

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