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I find this interesting

Richard Murphy says:
October 21 2020 at 10:14 am
The ballot box

Which is why I am committed to electoral reform

The people, the bastards, won’t vote for what I want them to vote for. Thus I shall change the voting system.

6 thoughts on “I find this interesting”

  1. The former party leader ( Farrage )said the first past the post system was now “bust” and insisted there was a growing demand for it to be scrapped. Under proportional representation Ukip could have won 83 seats, it emerged. (2015) Mr Farage said: “I do think the system is bust and I do think there’ll be great demand for it to change.“One party can get 50 percent of the vote in Scotland and nearly 100 percent of the seats, and our party can get four million votes and just one seat.
    “For those reasons there are a lot of angry Ukip people out there.

    Would a former press office for UKIP care to comment on the need for electoral reform…but differently ? Its about the only thing Farrage is right about. Had his shit arguments seen the light of day they would have been ritually torn to shreds and forgotten

  2. Amazingly, all political parties are coalitions. People agree enough on the one thing – anything from “We should be in power” through “they should not be” to “Let’s leave the EU” – to work together and then disagree on many other things. Electoral reform was one of those things Ukip disagreed upon internally.

  3. To the Left, ‘electoral reform’ means extending the franchise to felons, illegal aliens, children, farm animals, etc.

    “My father was a Republican all his life. Since he died, he votes straight Democrat.”

  4. People arguing for a different voting system are almost always searching for a system that will deliver the ‘right’ result (i.e. the one that suits their own preferences). Marginal third parties want PR because they hope they will hold the balance of power when the almost inevitably ‘hung’ parliament results. Oddly (but not that surprisingly, given most of them are mad) the LimpDums still want PR even after their disastrous experience of holding the balance of power.

  5. MMP has delivered a handbrake on every Labour Parliament in NZ but this one. The Nats have ruled relatively freely under MMP.

    Jacinda has a slim majority as a result of getting lucky with Covid and the Nats imploding simultaneously.

    Under FPP she would have 75% of the house. And under FPP the left of her party would be the current Greens, so she would have a massive majority and a caucus including lots more nutters.

    So mark me up as one pleased to have MMP. FPP would have delivered a much worse result.

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