I wonder

A history teacher who showed his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class was beheaded near his school in a Paris suburb on Friday by a suspected Islamist terrorist who shouted Allahu Akbar police said.

Will there be anyone stupid enough to hem and haw over this?

Sophie Vénétitay, deputy head of the SNES-FSU teachers’ union, said: He was murdered because he was doing his job, namely teaching critical thought. She said the victim was a history and geography teacher who was in charge of moral and civic education”.
In that capacity, he gave a lesson on the freedom of expression with the Mohammed cartoons she said.

Nesrine Malik doesn’t seem stupid enough to do so but perhaps we can hope for something from Owen Jones? The “Yes, but….” The but being that while free speech, yay! we still shouldn’t offend people because look what happens?

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  1. Dunno, Tim

    in a Paris suburb

    I.e. Goatfuckistan.

    A history teacher

    I.e. probably some stupid white guy who thought he was still in Europe.

    he gave a lesson on the freedom of expression

    The Mohammedan gave him a different and final lesson, non?

    being that while free speech, yay! we still shouldn’t offend people because look what happens?

    We don’t have free speech, and thinking you can libertie-egalitie-fraternitie with people with double digit IQ’s whose holy book says “kill the infidels, lol” is fatally stupid.

    Member that guy who thought he had some kind of special connection to bears, so he went to live with the bears, and the bears killed him? Same energy.

  2. How exactly was he ‘insensitive’, Phil? Given he suggested the Muslim children absent themselves from the classroom before he showed the material?

  3. Still too early..

    Give it a week. Then there’ll be an editorial or featured article in the Groan taking this incident as an example of how WhiPiPo have themselves to blame, because respect..

  4. At some stage people are going to resort to multiculturalism. If a West European guy murders someone you punish him. If a Chechen murders someone you wipe out his whole family. That is the sort of thing that people meant by multiculturalism, isn’t it?

  5. Twitter was at least consistent in deleting the RoPer terrorist’s post of the severed head, presumably because it involved hacking.

    Too soon?

  6. We also have our own taboos. Try giving a lesson which includes the word ‘nigger’, which was in common use in the 1920s as a non-offensive (though quite disparaging) description for the indigenous population of Africa and see what happens to your career….

  7. Bloke in Nort Dorset

    Dodgy Geezer,

    Or even Chinese lessons and use words that sound vaguely similar.

    Still doesn’t excuse any of it.

  8. Hillary Clinton : We created Al Qaeda (a short minute and a half video)


    The US paid for that with 9/11 and the War on Terror which has cost America $7 trillion and counting, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who had their brains scrambled driving over IEDs. That’s a lot of blowback as the CIA likes to call it.

    Recently, we had the same thing again when neocons in the US government, mostly Jewish, asked Saudi Arabia to send its Wahhabi fighters into Syria, and thus break the link between Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, in the interest of protecting Israel. Everything went south when these Wahhabis decided to form a caliphate instead, which in turn caused an influx of Muslim refugees and migrants into Europe, which brings us to where we are today.

    Interestingly, Israelis are now embracing the Wahhabis in the Gulf States as they see a common enemy in Iran. What could go wrong?

    re: Salafi’s Excommunicated From Sunni Islam

    This past August (2016) well over 200 senior Muslim Scholars from around the world met in Grozny, Chechnya for a 3 day conference to decree what and who Sunni Muslims are, the result was the Excommunication of the Salafi sect from Sunni Islam along with the Islamic universities of Saudi Arabia, which they stated are not teaching orthodox Islam, an issue the Saudi government has acknowledged in the past and unsuccessfully tried to address.

    Here is Robert Fisk writing in the Independent:

    The Saudis step deeper into trouble almost by the week. Swamped in their ridiculous war in Yemen, they are now reeling from an extraordinary statement issued by around two hundred Sunni Muslim clerics who effectively referred to the Wahhabi belief – practiced in Saudi Arabia – as “a dangerous deformation” of Sunni Islam. The prelates included Egypt’s Grand Imam, Ahmed el-Tayeb of al-Azhar, the most important centre of theological study in the Islamic world, who only a year ago attacked “corrupt interpretations” of religious texts and who has now signed up to “a return to the schools of great knowledge” outside Saudi Arabia.

    This remarkable meeting took place in Grozny and was unaccountably ignored by almost every media in the world – except for the former senior associate at St Antony’s College, Sharmine Narwani, and Le Monde’s Benjamin Barthe – but it may prove to be even more dramatic than the terror of Syria’s civil war. For the statement, obviously approved by Vladimir Putin, is as close as Sunni clerics have got to excommunicating the Saudis.

    Although they did not mention the Kingdom by name, the declaration was a stunning affront to a country which spends millions of dollars every year on thousands of Wahhabi mosques, schools and clerics around the world.

    Wahhabism’s most dangerous deviation, in the eyes of the Sunnis who met in Chechenya, is that it sanctions violence against non-believers, including Muslims who reject Wahhabi interpretation. Isis, al-Qaeda and the Taliban are the principal foreign adherents to this creed outside Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  9. Whatever Western countries choose to do now, it is the opposite of shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

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