I’m sure there is a Fnarr Fnarr here

Undercover police officers can have sex with suspects if refusal might blow cover
They must keep it as short as is possible to ‘mitigate the threat’ of being exposed and report it ‘immediately’ to their senior officer

Knee tremblers are legal, romantic afternoons teasing the new bra and panty set off aren’t. And someone must be able to make a joke out of blowing cover.

We’ll throw that open to community participation shall we?

After which, my actual reaction is that this is why planned economies don’t work. OK, sure, I take the Sun rising in the east as evidence that planned economies don’t work. But look at the absurdities we do get when the authorities try to define, in detail, what may be done. Anything more specific than general rules (“Don’t take the piss, Son” would seem useful although given some modern sexual habits perhaps not) descends into this sort of absurdity. And if we try to apply this sort of detail to the politicians and bureaucracy deciding who may make what, how, at what price, from which ingredients…..

6 thoughts on “I’m sure there is a Fnarr Fnarr here”

  1. They must keep it as short as is possible

    Should be easy enough to follow that guideline.

    Or perhaps they’re suggesting conversion to Judaism – as the rabbi said the to the crying baby “It’s ok, it won’t be long now”

  2. @Ltw
    No that’s the mohel. Rabbis don’t do circumcision. If you must do Jewish gags, at least get them right.

    Tourist is walking through the Jewish quarter of the city & spots a small shop with some fine antique clocks on display. Goes in & asks the proprietor how much they are. He’s told they are not for sale.
    “Why are they not for sale?” he asks.
    “Because this is not a clock shop. I’m the mohel. I perform circumcisions.”
    “So why the clocks?”
    “What do you suggest I put in the window?”

  3. If you ever want sex with a date and are getting nowhere, a final desperate gambit is “I reckon you’re a copper. If you weren’t, you would do it with me!”

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