Impartial, oh yes!

A Twitter spokesman said earlier on Thursday that the @TeamTrump account, and the accounts of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the New York Post, had been blocked from tweeting because of the company’s policies on hacked materials and posting private information.

In an election period, blocking news that perhaps – perhaps!, as with the pee pee tape, Russians funding Trump’s hotels etc – one candidate in the election might have some ‘splainin’ to do.

We are, of course, fine with The Guardian declaring that all Tories are bastards – fine with them being allowed to and actually saying it, not that we necessarily agree with it – and also the Mail telling us that Jezza’s gonna start the Gulag up again in Basingstoke. Because they are publishers. And Twitter is showing itself to be? A platform, a publisher?

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  1. Banned for posting about hacked information? Ah yes, I remember Twitter banning all discussion of the Panama Papers. Or don’t I?

  2. A really bad strategy. It’s just gone all Streisand Effect and amplified it (and the Biden camp aren’t denying any of it), while damaging Twitter as a platform.

    If Twitter just want anyone a bit right-ish leaving, and letting the whole place become factions of leftists fighting, it’s going to be hilarious. Because then it’s Judean People’s Front vs People’s Front of Judea all the way down, until they’re the new MySpace.

  3. This is why the libertarian approach to Big Tech Internet Aspergigarchs doesn’t work.

    The 90’s dream of an open and free exchange on a platform where nobody knows you’re a dog of information has died – it’s accreted into a small number of effective monopolies who now aggressively control the vast majority of search, social, mobile, video, advertising and payment. And they’re hoovering up your data like Hunter Biden doing coke. Oh yeah – and they hate you.

    Sure, you can try starting your own social media platform if you want, but good luck keeping your hosting, advertising and payment facilities if you don’t agree to squelch anything that goes against the Narrative. Maybe James Damore and Brendan Eich will come and work for you.

    The solution is aggressive trust-busting.

  4. Big Tech Internet Aspergigarchs

    I wonder if it’s actually the top guys calling the shots on this. All these tech companies are rammed to the gunnels with woke-left activists, simply because that’s the demographic of the employee marketplace. I doubt Zuckerburg wants to sacrifice his personal wealth or the company he’s built over a clumsy, stupid and transparently desperate attempt to throw an election. It’s not his style; it’s the style of a bunch of hysterical twats – the ones that run his company day-to-day and can bring it to its knees at their whim. It’s a bit like pretending Betsy DeVos runs public education in the US.

    The solution is aggressive trust-busting.

    Maybe. But Clarence Thomas has indicated that the Supreme Court is keen to look at social media’s platform exemption. The second the law says they are publishers the lawsuits will begin and they’ll be sued into oblivion. Their replacements will be careful by default.

  5. Like they say, don’t interfere with your enemy when he’s making a mistake. This has all the potential of being an enormous own goal.
    The original stories – SHOCK REVELATION,POLITICIANS SON IN RECEIPT OF DOSH FROM FORRINERS + EX VP/PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN DODGY DEALINGS WITH FORRINERS – had all the makings of a big yawn. We’ve been there endlessly with Trump for 4 years. People lose enthusiasm for this sort of thing. Especially with the botched impeachment attempt. But TWITTER COVER UP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE & SON’S DODGY DEALINGS WITH FORRINERS – BIG MONEY INVOLVED – could be very big, attention getting news indeed. And difficult to see how the left leaning MSM can avoid covering it. And a lot of people will take away from this – if they were trying to cover it up it must be true. They could have just made Orange Man a shoo in for re-election.

  6. @PJF – The Aspergigarchs, and many other oligarchs, love wokeness because it can be harnessed to their ends, because they will never suffer the downsides and because the true believers in woke are fucking morons who will continue to buy shit from tech firms. The (Biden) Harris government will be the most left-wing in US history, but big tech will still make out like er…big tech.

    The Donald might save us all but I think the combination of COVID and its economic effects, the utter wetness of the Never Trumper cucks, the relentless MSM onslaught and complacency from people who think he’s already got it sewn up means it will be just the one term.

  7. “As we shared yesterday, the examples of Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube blocking factual information about Joe Biden’s corrupt financial engagements with foreign entities is an “all-in” election interference effort. In many ways this is an extinction level event for their business model if Joe Biden does not win the election.

    These tech and social media companies are worth hundreds of billions and their future financial viability is now directly connected to the 2020 election. Shareholders and stakeholders will begin filing lawsuits as soon as the hammer of FCC, DOJ or legislative regulation drops to break up their previously permitted monopolies.

    A Trump victory will destroy these entities; and the likelihood of a Trump victory increases in direct proportion to their efforts to advance censorship…. it is a very unique situation.”

  8. All these tech companies are rammed to the gunnels with woke-left activists, simply because that’s the demographic of the employee marketplace

    Well, that will certainly apply to the many thousands they recruited to police content, what a self-selecting event that was. But for the core, the programmers and people who built it, I’m not so sure. Programmers don’t tend to be woke because the sheer fucking 24×7 irrationality of it is obviously jarring to people who tend to think rationally by default.

    Dorsey and the owners can afford to be woke because they are colossally wealthy, but I reckon they could lose the blob of loonies and be a much better, functional company.

  9. Programmers don’t tend to be woke because the sheer fucking 24×7 irrationality of it is obviously jarring to people who tend to think rationally by default.

    The soft left is probably over represented in programmer types, but so is the libertarian side of the spectrum. I don’t recall meeting many (if any) of the Woken SS amongst the actual developers in any place I’ve worked.

  10. I think programmers are Woke in the sense that they think it will get them laid rather than believing in anything specifically

  11. Given the economic hit from Covid Trump maybe better off as a one term President as he’s leaving a hell of a problem for the next guy to take the blame for.

    Interestingly after months of BBC saying the polls say Trump is toast and Bidens lead is growing and he’s winning every encounter etc. they have an article on here’s how maybe Trump could sneak it. Sounds like they are covering bases or have been told that the it’s in the bad message was bad for Clinton on turnout so stop doing it for Biden

  12. From the trenches in Big Tech, I’d say PJF hits nail on head. The Big Cheeses are more focused on their careers / buying nice houses / avoiding jail. The public manifestations of hard leftiness are generally driven by entrenched middle-tier software peeps who have realised that being a Thought Leader in Wokeism is just as good for one’s career, if not better, than actually doing the grunt work they’re nominally employed for. And they’re generally right, no-one is going to push back because that’s a fast track to a P45/pink-slip.

    Next step, these reprobates end up gathering a posse of fellow wokeists, with some support from the Inclusion, Equity and Diversion leadership, and take over all the internal discussions about such topics. That will end up driving the company in the general woke direction, because there’s no push-back.

    The smart move would be to toss these people out on their bums because they’re not actually doing the job they’re paid to do – and in fact are fomenting dissent and fear internally – but except in really egregious cases of threats to harm others they are generally safe.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    I think PJF and Hopper’s version is about where they are.

    Jack Dorsey’s been on Joe Rogan a couple of times and faced a grilling from Tim Pool who does a lot of work on this censorship stuff. It was fairly obvious that Jack is struggling to control the company and is caught between his legal team and woke employees.

  14. BiND,

    Part of the problem is location. These companies set up in places like Palo Alto and the early software development guys (who are top people) tend to be more soft left or libertarian, but they expand and have to bring in more average people to do the work, to do content management, and around there that means more wokies.

    Google is having the same problem. People walking out, making demands. You wouldn’t get that in most software teams. People take a “quit if you don’t like it” attitude.

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