Isn’t this a hell of a surprise?

In 2018/19, a little over 1,000 social homes were delivered across 91 rural local authorities in England. On current building rates, it will take 154 years to clear the backlog in social housing.

Social homes, “affordable housing”, is offered below market price. There’s a long waiting list for below market price housing.

Gee, ya think?

6 thoughts on “Isn’t this a hell of a surprise?”

  1. We used to know a socialist family: he was a headmaster of a state school, she also had a middle-class income. They lived in a particularly desirable council house. They retired to the country cottage that they’d long owned in Cornwall, turning over the council house tenancy to one of their daughters. She and her chap also had comfortable middle class incomes.

    Ain’t the Labour Party wonderful?

  2. Advocates of social or affordable housing know full well that little will be built. That’s the point. It enables them to claim they are on the side of the angels knowing full well that it won’t happen and that “undesirables”, often minorities, will have a hard time moving into their neighborhoods. They also know that the simple law of supply and demand will push their own home values up. It’s clever and effective. Don’t believe me? Read the these communties’ housing plans in full and you’ll invariably find a sentence that acknowledges that the funds to subsidize these developments are not available in the amounts necessary to meet the plans.

  3. If enough houses (not “homes”) were built there wouldn’t be any problem as the marginal house would be affordable – or empty, leaving the builder significantly out of pocket.
    So scrap the Attlee Planning Act!

  4. Here is a no brainer tax change. Figure out the market rent of all council houses (randomly rent 1% of the stock to audit). Count the below market rent in the poverty/redistribution stats. For any higher rate tax payer claw back the discount at a rate of 15p of rent claw back per £1 above the threshold.

    oh, and if you have a subsidised rent you aren’t allowed to object to new planning schemes

  5. As people can come from over countries (I know people who have done this) and get council housing.
    It is probably impossible to ever have enough until we stop this.

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