It’s the Wonder of the World you know, entirely the envy

Imposing more new coronavirus restrictions would be “too hasty”, scientists have said after figures revealed that up to a quarter of patients currently in hospital with Covid-19 caught the virus after being admitted.

12 thoughts on “It’s the Wonder of the World you know, entirely the envy”

  1. Bungee jumping…sky diving…rock climbing… Pah! Such risky behaviour pales against checking yourself into an NHS ward for treatment when there’s a Covid panic on. Rightly or wrongly, more people will likely die as a consequence of their reluctance to enter an NHS establishment than from the virus itself.

  2. I know two people who have died of Covid. Both caught it in hospital ( one was just visiting). So that’s a 100% rate.

  3. Neighbor told me yesterday his daughter is home from college with it. She stays in her room, and exits through the WINDOW. The college has a Covid dorm, but he described it as like solitary confinement* for two weeks.

    We agreed he will probably catch it. Bet he wishes he didn’t have such a big belly right now.

    *I wouldn’t think two weeks in solitary would be so bad if you have the internet. “Today’s kids are soft.”

  4. The American scheme of opening the Colleges, gathering the students together and infecting them, and then sending them home to infect their parents, is obviously all the fault of Trump. Because.

  5. It’s called nocosomial infection and was known unto science until early March 2020 when all previous science regarding contagion was eradicated and New-thought replaced it to make stuff up as the experts and computer modellers jogged along.

    So, that’s what happens when you mix infectious people with non-infectious people, health facilities become incubators and sources of spread of contagion. Did the idiots in charge learn? No, still doing it.

    That is why the science says build quarantine facilities, put infectious people in it. But Govt is following ‘the’ science which says let the infectious run loose but quarantine non-infectious in their own homes and make them wear nappies on their faces.

  6. Checking into an NHS hospital has been risky for some time as my late father discovered several years ago after being admitted for a straightforward kidney stone procedure.

    MRSA, two strokes and a heart attack followed. The old boy never walked unaided again.

  7. Is it still the case that the NHS is particularly bad (by first world standards) at giving people infections in hospitals? If so, how has this situation been sustained through one government after another? You might almost wonder who is in charge (if anyone).

  8. It’s like socialism turns money, knowledge, people and resources into worthless radioactive shit. Who knew?

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