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Just on this very specific point

Some people kicked back on the tweet thread asking, “Why should basic decency be applauded?” These encounters are not examples of brilliance; they are examples of good practice, and shouldn’t be held up as something special.

Because that’s how a society works. Disapproval – from physical chastisement to a raised eyebrow – of things we disapprove of and praise and celebration of those we approve of. Reinforcement of the behavioural patterns we collectively desire.

Exactly the phrasing or action used to reinforce doesn’t matter so much. Some societies use a ticker tape parade to show that approval, others just a muttered well done that man. It’s the same incentive to the behaviour either way.

10 thoughts on “Just on this very specific point”

  1. Disproval is also the way society does not work, in that it tends to promote people who do and say nothing. As we watch the end of Trump ,while clearly he has to go, part of me will miss his evident indifference to disapproval.
    “Certain guys tell me they want women of substance, not beautiful models. It just means they can’t get beautiful models.”

    Grain of truth …. And maybe his style was an enema political language needed. I felt much the same way about Farrage actually, part of me rather liked him.

  2. Yes but is that what went on here? We have people thinking that virtue semaphore Twit points should only be awarded for difficult things. By saying this is common decency they’re actually flagging easy peasy lemmon squeezy.

  3. I felt much the same way about Farrage actually, part of me rather liked him.

    Your arse when he buggered Remain?

  4. And then I return, as I often do, to the way in which our beautiful son, Connor, was left to drown in an NHS hospital bath while nearby staff finished an online Tesco order.

    Envy of the fucking world.

  5. There isn’t anywhere near enough societal disapproval for the NHS. Whether its young disabled lads or the elderly, it has an unrivalled level of murderous neglect.

  6. Praise should not be given for what is expected behaviour, only for that which goes beyond the expected, otherwise praise is devalued. Why go beyond what is expected, why do more when you get equal reward for less?

    All the clapping and pot banging nonsense for the NHS, illustrates this.

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