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Las Ramblas

Not to be missed from Baron Jackfield:

One of my friends recently had his pocket picked there… Nothing out of the ordinary really, except that he’s a Spanish plain-clothes policeman and a member of the team targeting pickpockets on Las Ramblas! 🙂

My own experience of the street goes back 30 years or so. The once, 30 years ago that is.

A major memory is that the further down toward the Chris Columbus thing you got the less likely it was the whores were female. All presenting as such but the ability to do so declined markedly.

The observation coming not from being a likely customer you understand, it was just rather obvious. Presumably it becomes species that is called into question right by the statue.

4 thoughts on “Las Ramblas”

  1. Ha fond memories- went for a morning walk down there with a group of friends, all hungover. We stopped at cafe for breakfast sitting at an outside table for a bit of people watching. One wag changed our order from solid to liquid (large steins all round). We didn’t move from that spot for 10 hours. As we got more lubricated we regretted not bringing along the guitar for our morning walk. No problem. A busker doing the rounds of the tables, was sat down and paid to entertain us. He was very good, but didn’t know our repertoire. So we paid him to rent the guitar, and gave it to our minstrel. Every now and then he’d try to get up to leave. we insisted he stay and paid him some more. As the hours went by the cafe bill expanded accordingly the owner got nervous that we’d do a runner, so every couple of hours we settled the bill and continued. One of las Ramblas’ finest must have noticed this, and a man dressed as a waiter approached the kitty holder mid rendition of Angels with a bill. It was quite hefty 200 euros or so. he was counting it out, when one in the party smelled a rat, went inside the cafe to check, came out with the real waiter and pointed it to the group just in time (things had become quite course at this point) Our would be con artist was sat down next to the guitar owner while we serenaded him with “you’re just a fucking thief”.

  2. Who’d have thought Spanish Ramblers would be so raunchy? The one walk I went on with the UK ones they spent all their time blathering about rucksacks.

    Yours sound like much more fun HB.

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