Logical and obvious but won’t there be shrieking about it?

World Rugby has recommended that transgender women do not play elite women’s rugby following a review.

New guidelines have been drawn up to cover the participation of transgender athletes in men’s and women’s contact rugby where it is possible to do so safely and fairly.

As a result, transgender men are permitted to participate in men’s contact rugby but the same does not apply to transgender women in women’s rugby.

“Given the best available evidence for the effects of testosterone reduction on these physical attributes for transgender women, it was concluded that safety and fairness cannot presently be assured for women competing against transwomen in contact rugby,” said a World Rugby statement.

Muscle mass makes this the only sensible outcome.

Do note the asymmetry too – it’s you possibly damaging others that matters. You want to put yourself at risk well, it is a contact sport. Thus F to M, your look out, M to F it’s the external effects that matter.

Prizes will be awarded for the spotting of the first claims of how transpohobic this decision is.

24 thoughts on “Logical and obvious but won’t there be shrieking about it?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    World Rugby has been very focused on player welfare over the past 5 to 10 years and made a lot of changes to the game because in the professional game the players have got bigger and stronger through better diet and training. The biggest changes have been with the scrum, no longer two 8 man packs charging at each other from a couple of meters apart, and bringing down the height of the tackle so that any contact with the neck and head in the tackle is likely to end a penalty at best and a red card if not malicious. There was a tackle last week that ended up with a red card for Elia Elia of Quins that wasn’t malicious, and was text book from my playing days, but Dan Robson went through the horizontal and but for use of his arms would have landed neck and head first.

    Imagine throwing an adult in to a 16-year-old’s game and then claiming you’re genuinely concerned about player welfare? The first major injury is going to end up with authorities being sued, and quite rightly, and this case is no different.

    World Rugby has made the right decision and for the right reasons and should be applauded.

  2. I wonder whether weight divisions for Rugby would make sense. A standard 15 would all qualify for the the heavyweight division in boxing. Alternatively they could limit replacements.

  3. Fixed it for them:

    “…safety and fairness cannot presently be assured for women competing against transwomen men in contact rugby,”

  4. The Guardian was on this about a week ago:


    “There is no peer-reviewed, scientific evidence to justify a ban which would only be harmful to trans and gender diverse people.”

    “Is your claim that 18 stone she-blokes with the physique of a perverted gorilla could ‘hurt’ 11 stone women PEER REVIEWED?”

    “recent research by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 3.4% of American school students (year 9-12) identify as trans or gender diverse, or they were ‘not sure’ about their gender identity”

    Millstones and lions.

    If Science™ doesn’t convince you men are women, how about anecdotes?

    “In the decades I have spent playing, I’ve learned that what truly makes someone an elite athlete isn’t size, speed or strength, but mental toughness, agility and resilience,”

    Yes, this explains why Stephen Hawking was so effective in the NBA.

  5. In the decades I have spent playing, I’ve learned that what truly makes someone an elite athlete isn’t size, speed or strength, but mental toughness, agility and resilience,”
    That’s just fantastic. If only I’d realised this I’d have won the 100m at the Olympics. My inability to run the 100 in less than 20secs would be trumped by my mental toughness.

  6. From the BBC:

    “The proposals were based on hypothetical data modelling that has little relevance to the questions of fairness and safety in rugby that the policy review sought to address,” said Stonewall chief executive Nancy Kelley.

    “Important policies like this should be based on robust, relevant evidence and work closely with trans people playing in the sport.”

    Robust evidence? These people believe men can be women if they cut off their cock!

  7. “the players have got bigger and stronger through better diet and training”: and there was me assuming that steroids had played a role.

    Anyway, the interesting question is how long it takes for World Rugby to back down.

    P.S. Doesn’t schoolboy rugby in NZ use weight divisions?

  8. Dearime- “Doesn’t schoolboy rugby in NZ use weight divisions”
    ah yes, rings a bell, and come to think of it, probably came from a discussion here. But it’s the replacement thing that really does for it. If you can get to 19 stone but only lug yourself around for 60 minutes before becoming a liability then the answer is not to allow them to replace you.

  9. Just goes to prove that it’s a mistake ever to engage with these nutters. The only safe course of action is to ignore what is in reality a non-existent problem. Men are men. Women are women. Anything else & you’re halfway to the same asylum they should be in.

  10. On the subject of Rugby I note that Gareth “Alfie” Thomas has just received a gong.

    A fine player but one of many at his comparable level. There must have been something particularly stunning and brave about him.

  11. Imagine having meetings and discussions about letting mutilated men play against women. Then making a public announcement about it.

    Just tell them, “No.” You don’t need no stinkin’ meetings.

  12. The BBC reports a complaint by Stonewall chief executive “Nancy Kelly”.
    She/xe demands that policies work closely with trans people playing in sport: given the time it takes to prepare such reports we should dozens, probably scores, possibly hundreds, of deaths and brain injuries among genuine women playing rugby by the time any such report was published

  13. If there is enough of them they can form their own teams and leagues, no doubt with some assistance from World Rugby, this is what many disabled people do who want to still play sport. There is for example deaf rugby teams.
    If there isn’t enough of them to make up a couple of teams then Workd Rugby shouldn’t even be bothering as it’s just political posturing

  14. “Yes, this explains why Stephen Hawking was so effective in the NBA.”

    Played golf with Stephen Hawking. Very disappointed. He’d lied about his handicap.

  15. Am I alone in thinking that a suspiciously high proportion of these trannies seem so hell bent on maximising their access to, and impact upon, the lives of the normal population? Lately they have revved up their campaign to make normal people accept romantic and sexual relations with them, lest one risks an allegation of transphobia. They demand, and get, access to places where the opposite sex have to undress. They want, and often get, access to schools so they can influence your kids. Most tellingly, their demands for self declaration as trans, with no requirement for the degree of seriousness and committment that surgery would bring, means the perverts have no skin in the game.
    This is a large cohort of hostile, potentially dangerous deviants using sex dysmorphia as a shield, to get to their quarry.

  16. That’s the way it always goes, Monty.

    We were told that what goes on in homo’s bedrooms was none of our business. Consenting adults, et cetera. Now, we have gay pride parades.

    With the Left, the issue is never the issue.

  17. “With the Left, the issue is never the issue.”

    As ever, its all about power…….once they’ve made you accept the lady-penis, they can make you accept anything.

  18. Interesting article in UnHerd by a gay director of the Queer Up North theatre group about why he’s become disillusioned with Stonewall and he would advise teachers not to let them into their schools

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