Ms. Gopal

Yes, this is the bird who insisted that not being addressed by her title by a college porter (not her own college you understand, just some other) was evidence of institutional racism:

whether through bigotry or predatory capitalism.

sharp critiques of both capitalism and empire, or racial capitalism.

Since colonialism was inseparable from capitalism

If only historians actually did know history.

Pre-capitalist societies had slavery, colonialism and racism. Capitalist did too. Therefore none of the three are unique to capitalism, are they? Yea, whatever Lenin said in On Imperialism.

6 thoughts on “Ms. Gopal”

  1. There was a prog on Radio3 last night about museums. The ditzy bird on there was bemoaning the absence of museums for minorities ( ie women) in the UK.

    Apparently there were quite a lot in the 1970s and 80s but hardly any today. The notion of why these museums closed and were not replaced did not seem to occur to her.

  2. Socialism made slaves of 10s of millions doing 5000 cals+ of work in Artic conditions on 1500 calories a day of shite “food” inc boiled grass .A regime designed to ruin the slaves and work them to death.

    No limit to the hypocrisy of socialist scum.

  3. I see the Guardian now requires us to register to read it’s wokist clap trap. What a shame I shall have to give them a miss. No loss whatsoever.

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