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Neutral publishers my arse

Facebook and Twitter restrict controversial New York Post story on Joe Biden

A certain lean to who gets restricted, no?

17 thoughts on “Neutral publishers my arse”

  1. Hopefully the Streisand Effect will fix the bastards.

    Trump should have put a collar and lead on the Big Tech shite long ago.

  2. “Twitter policies prohibit “directly distribut[ing] content obtained through hacking that contains private information”.”

    So, if this was Baron’s PC in a repair shop and juicy scandal resulted, they’d do the same. Right?


  3. No apologies for repeating this: Esp as other Liverpool gym owners are also refusing to be ruined by the scummy state. I think Scousers might well rethink their alignment with the left after the antics of their fat money seeking (yes they get cash for Tiering up) Marxist fuckbag of a Mayor

    “8 armed cop thugs sent to shut down a Liverpool gym whose owner declined to be ruined by the alliance of Johnson and their fat Marxist fuck of a Mayor. Being fined an exponential amount increasing every 3 hours seems to have stopped the gym owner rather than the guns . Presume the cowardly cop bastards were shit-feared in case some big lads training gave them a hiding.

    The guy should have told Plod to save himself a lot of work and figure out what the fine would be after 3 exponential increases every day the gym is open for 3 months . Say 3 exp jumps every day for 6 days a week for next 12 weeks. Then just present him with x trillion pound fine and we’ll see you in court.”

  4. Hopefully the Streisand Effect will fix the bastards.

    That’s already underway. The stupidity of this is staggering. But, in some respects it’s a good thing for it puts to bed any doubt about them being publishers and they now need to be held to account accordingly.

  5. I haven’t seen it posted on LinkedIn yet. It is becoming like Twatter and Farcebook, censoring posts skeptical of AGW. I’d like to see a US citizen post this story to see what LinkedIn’s response is.

  6. So Twitter think it was ‘hacked’? According to the NYP story, the info came from a laptop taken to a computer repair place & never picked up. It was seized by the FBI but not before the shop owner copied the hard drive & gave the copy to a lawyer. That’s a pretty broad definition of ‘hacking’, though perhaps the shop owner had no right to copy it.

  7. @TG
    I’m not sure about the US position, but ‘hacking’ in the UK (EU) is very broadly defined, to the point where I was probably breaking the law several times a week in order to do my job.

  8. Gary Glitter’s conviction arose from a computer hard drive left for repair. No one questioned the ethics of that. Hunter Biden’s case is different though: he’s from the charmed circle and every already knows he is a crook. So it’s not news.

  9. In an attempt to be impartial let’s remember Rudy G has been sitting on this for several months. The gloves are off now and it’s reassuring to know that a few on the Republican side are also capable of “discovering” stuff at the most opportune time.

    P.s. does anyone know what the FBI have been doing with Weiner’s laptop all this time? I’m not holding my breath.

  10. The info wasn’t hacked because Hunter dropped it off for repair, didn’t pay and didn’t collect it so the Mac became the legal property of the repair shop guy. The new owner then looked at the the contents, copied it and gave it to the FBI, (last December), who then buried it in the Dem hard drive, blackberry and mobile phone graveyard, after accidentally wiping all the data off it, (with a wash cloth).

    Nothing to see here, move along… Move along please.

  11. Wonder what would happen if the gym owner said he’d just left the door open and people had just wandered in to use the equipment, at what point does the business owner become liable as I can’t see plod being happy at having to chase individual customers

  12. ‘Facebook and Twitter restrict controversial New York Post story on Joe Biden’

    Controversial? They don’t like it; they don’t want it to be seen.

    Controversial: “Giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.”

    Facebook and Twitter think they are the public. Anything they don’t like is thus controversial.

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