OK, so when are they coming for the communists?

Facebook has banned all QAnon groups, pages and Instagram accounts in a last-hour attempt to strangle the movement’s rapid explosion across its services.
The social media giant said on Tuesday that it had branded the cult-like online community as a militarised social movement, meaning it will now remove groups and pages that spread its message even if they advocate no violence.

You know, given those calls for the elimination of the bourgeoisie as a class, the historical evidence of mass slaughter inspired by the movement etc?

16 thoughts on “OK, so when are they coming for the communists?”

  1. The communists could hardly come for themselves, could they?

    Of course I must admit I’ve never seen any articles by QAnon, merely criticisms of it. So I don’t really know what it’s all about.

  2. I must be completely out of the loop. Isn’t Qanon just the group who think an insider within the US government is involved in preparations for the arrest of Hillary and many of the Epstein circle and is communicating to them in secret? Isn’t banning that group from all platforms a bit… odd? As if they’re onto something?

    I notice BLM and Antifa are still allowed despite non stop rioting, arson and looting across the states for the entire summer. But they’re not “militarised” I guess…

  3. It’s certainly true to say anything said by the left or other favoured groups is always treated as being rhetorical whilst the same words coming less favoured directions are inflammatory & hate speech. Imagine advocating a “war” on illegal immigration & counting the minutes before you’d have the police on your doorstep.

  4. The communists could hardly come for themselves, could they?

    Why not? They did it before. They just called them counter revolutionaries. The French led the way with that one.

  5. If QAnon has a structure, an organisation, leaders, a membership then it might be considered worth the attention of the censors.
    But given the multitude of self contradictory plots and conspiracies it embraces I suspect it doesn’t.

  6. I’ve never seen any articles by QAnon, merely criticisms of it.

    Same here. Almost as if it was a nothing story drummed up to make Trump supporters & therefore Trump look bad.

  7. It’s going to be interesting to see whether Facebook’s much vaunted monopoly is up to the task. Individuals they can cut off, fine, but “pages that spread its message even if they advocate no violence” is going to be a tough one. I’m tempted to cut and paste something vaguely related and see if my account gets suspended.

    I have to admit I only heard of QAnon in the last few weeks too, no idea what they stand for.

  8. Read up on QAnon more since I last heard about it maybe a year ago. The worst the media can come up with us that they believe paedophiles are running the deep state (the same media also reports about Epstein’s child trafficking and associated famous names without missing a beat). If just believing that is considered to be enough for Facebook and all the mainstream media to ban and completely remove all posts then it’s starting to look like there’s something in it…

  9. How does this affect Facebook’s “Safe Harbo(u)r” defence (Facebook claims to be a platform/carrier, and cannot be held responsible for content)? In deleting some groups and not others, they’re no longer behaving like a carrier.

  10. Of course if Obama and Hillary concocted a plot to frame Trump as a front for Russian influence using the FBI, CIA and various FIVEYS intelligence resources, the msm would be all over it, wouldn’t they? With the motive of covering up massive corruption and abuse of power?
    Declassified last night: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/dni-declassifies-brennan-notes-briefed-obama-intelligence-hillary-clinton-concocted-trump
    Did the msm touch it? Q is an alternative open source news operation with added questions and research tips, bringing to light documents, details of the US criminal code and connections between actors that disrupt the msm narrative. Anons make of them what they may, often injecting their own enthusiasms.
    The key exhortation from Q is Think for yourself!

  11. There is no such QAnon organisation. There was a left wing idea to label people on the right as QAnon. And the more the left applied weird stuff to it, the more real weirdos took up the mantle. Till QAnon become a bit more than some vague meme/idea. Now QAnon exists, but in a tiny number of really weird nutters who have no real political leaning left or right, just a belief in weird stuff like pedo conspiracies and 5G conspiracies and lizard people.

  12. In unrelated news, the ICO have released their final report on the alleged Cambridge Analytica/Russia conspiracy to rig the referendum and/or the General Election. Unsurprisingly, they find no evidence to support the conspiracy theory. Expect to see this widely ignored by MSM.

    (The sobbing sounds you can hear is just Cadwalladr seeking solace from her cats.)

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