Professor West really must speak to his tailor

Shooting far too much cuff there. That jacket is too tight under the arms. Tsk…..

12 thoughts on “Professor West really must speak to his tailor”

  1. Ooooh, no. That’s his culture, the hair. French cuffs, links and a suit jacket is mine – I’m allowed to correct him on his mistakes in cultural appropriation.

  2. I think, from the evidence before us, that he doesn’t actually possess a tailor. Definitely an ‘off the rack’ man. Heavens forfend!

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    There is just so much cultural appropriation going on there. It is shocking really.

    He needs to watch Zulu again and get himself a couple of cow tails

  4. I’d say the jacket’s a couple sizes smaller than the trousers. He should take more care when he’s out looting.

  5. @ Penseivat
    Major problem with American-owned retail chains is that any trousers (mostly, but not just, “jeans”) they sell that will go over my thighs and knees have waist sizes larger than my hips. For avoidance of doubt I am NOT Bradley Wiggins, I am just a normal baby-boomer.

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