Sadly, I can’t actually respond to this one

I have a feeling that [email protected] might not be a wholly accurate return address. But here’s the message in full:

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Fuck u Tim. Ur comment at Forbes on justifying Bangladeshi workers getting low wages is completely vague. Bd is a devoloping country u ass, and the fastest growing economy in south Asia. get u facts right u dickhead. U moron don’t split ur selfmade stat anywhere u want. Asshole.

Boy, has he got the wrong end of the stick there.

10 thoughts on “Sadly, I can’t actually respond to this one”

  1. Beautiful example of modern education in something as simple as proper spelling and grammar.
    Makes you wonder at the quality and depth of the rest of his knowledge.

  2. Oh well. At least your critic thinks you’re completely vague. Better than being accused of being partially vague.

  3. How ***DARE**** brown people in poor countries aspire to – and actualise – moving up the income scale. They should damn well stay in the fields staring at buffaloes.

  4. MC – agree and also ” don’t split ur selfmade stat anywhere you want.” has a beautiful vagueness to it too. An example of worstall’s law (on acid)?

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