Slave wages

He put out an appeal on Facebook for people to help him out on the small farm he owns on the island of Lipari, part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago off the coast of Sicily, from November to February.
He grows fruit and vegetables for the local market, keeps chickens and donkeys, and makes natural soap out of olive oil and donkey milk.
Volunteers will be given their own room with a wood-burning stove, a terrace, a hammock and views of the sea, including the distant island of Stromboli, an active volcano which frequently spews lava, creating spectacular nighttime pyrotechnics.
He will provide food, wine and wi-fi but there is no salary.

Slave wages there. Bed and board and no money. Of course, you can in fact check out and leave as well so it is only the ages that are equal to slavery.

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  1. Also, there’s no compulsion to take on the role. You are not being shackled and delivered against your will to the island. That’s a pretty important part too.

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