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So here’s an idea

The contest will be won not only at the ballot box and in the courts but in the court of public opinion.

Why not just count the votes instead?

14 thoughts on “So here’s an idea”

  1. “The contest will be won not only at the ballot box and in the courts but in the court of public opinion.”
    Essentially a putch, then?

  2. Apparently Democrats and their supporters have better morals so their one vote should be worth more than one vote. Mandela must be spinning in his grave.

  3. Ah.. we’re going to face another year of Newmoania torturing statistics and quoting insanity to prove that Biden actually won, if… ?

    And you thought that 2020 couldn’t get worse…

  4. Not just the College ones this time, then?

    The Electoral College votes are cast according to the popular votes in the various states.

  5. Not just the College ones this time, then?

    Bit late to change the rules of the election now. Maybe you should tell your candidate to campaign in the swing states this time?

  6. Are the latest polls a cause for concern? Trump apparently not doing so great. I think they are trying to get people to give up and not bother voting at all.

    I dreamed about Trump last night. Don’t think he was a POTUS anymore, he was lunching by a river cafe and I knew him and he asked me to make a documentary of him. I was thinking here he just is having a lunch like rest of the mortals.

  7. Dear Mr Worstall

    I thought the basic problem was the tendency for dead people and a few more postal votes than there are voters giving a ‘socially just’ outcome in areas prone to that sort of thing.


  8. Polls aren’t worth shite–people should know that by now–they are trying to convince you to give up because America wants lawless attacks on its suburbs.

    As for election -stealing–we are assured by Dennis that this cannot be. So no problem.

  9. How about we measure public opinion by letting anybody who cares to mark their opinion on a bit of paper and deposit that bit of paper in a secure location, then count the marks on those bits of paper.

    We could even call the bits of paper ballots, and call the process voting.

  10. It is frankly amazing how many media commentators are using the polls to suggest this is all a done deal and Trump is toast and it’s just a matter of going through the motions right now until Biden is anointed president

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