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So, we can fire 90% of the NHS then?

‘Protect the NHS’ message led to 90 per cent drop in hospital admissions

If we can do without 90% of the NHS then we can do without 90% of the NHS then, right?

7 thoughts on “So, we can fire 90% of the NHS then?”

  1. Hm, I think you are confusing a lack of service with a lack of demand. If you closed ASDA’s doors but kept paying the staff people would starve. In my case I am waiting for an essential operation.

  2. I fear that the escalating number of deaths from “other causes” than Covid-19 may falsify your hypothesis Mr W.

  3. I tried getting a doctors appointment this morning. The phone lines open at 0800 and I called on the dot, to find that I was 22nd in the queue and all today’s appointments had already gone anyway.

    Since when did trying to see a doctor become a similar experience to trying to get tickets for a Pink Floyd reunion?

  4. To be fair, it does say up to 90% and implies that means that some areas are seeing 90% fewer patients while others are experiencing a smaller decline.

  5. The NHS has performed what we used to call ‘retirement in place’. That’s where you avoid all work and still get paid.

  6. Agreed, hard to know whether TW wrote that tongue in cheek and missed the emoticon, or is serious.
    But in a way, yes you could say that 90% of the NHS isn’t needed – as long as you don’t consider the people dying or suffering complications due to lack of treatment as important. And that’s the thing, people ARE dying due to lack of timely treatment, and many many more are suffering long term problems. A colleague of mine is having to struggle on having had his hip replacement cancelled after having waited for “quite some time” for it to be scheduled – and of course, given the state of play, it’s likely that he’ll be waiting quite a while now before they a) restart such procedures, and b) he gets to the top of the list again.

  7. The NHS seems to believe up to 90% of itself is surplus to requirements. But I suppose that’s just the medical side & has been true for years. Since the advent of Covid, the NHS has been approaching perfection. If they could only get rid of all the doctors…

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