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Suppose so really

Terry Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna Pratchett has said that the forthcoming television adaptation of the late author’s stories about Ankh-Morpork’s City Watch “shares no DNA with my father’s Watch”, and that she “should know”.

They’ve got Maramma Corlett with short hair playing Sgt Angua. Who is, notably, tall in the books. Ms. Corlett is decidedly scrumptious, which meets the part demand, but she’s also 5 ft tall.

Ho hum.

Got to also say that I hated the David Jason stuff as well.

23 thoughts on “Suppose so really”

  1. Good Omens the TV series was brilliant though, letting David Tennant have free reign to be funny and outrageous. I recommend that to everyone.

  2. By the photo, looks like the location shooting was a quiet Wednesday at Camden Lock.

    BBC’s involved. You just know it’s gonna be crap.

    “I take it we should standby for a woke tyrant?”

    Who’s a mime in his secret identity.

  3. I’d agree about Good Omens, it was unexpectedly good. Even from the little I’ve read about this ‘City Watch’ series I won’t be watching it. I’ve still not recovered from the awful LoTR & Hobbit films.

  4. I watched the trailer. It looks terrible, I won’t be watching.

    Like Tim I also wasn’t a fan of the David Jason ones; Hogfather was okay though and I thought Going Postal did a good job of casting. I always had someone like Charles Dance in my head for Vetinari anyway.

  5. Charles Dance was a brilliant Vetinari.

    That bird from Downton was an excellent Susan Death.

    And that’s about it.

    There was a cartoon of one of them where Christopher Lee did the voice of DEATH. That was perfect.

    Now, how to cast Vimes.

  6. If he were still around, a younger Bob Hoskins might have made a good Vimes.
    Dunno about now though, Tom Hardy?

  7. Who on earth is controlling the literary estate and allowing these travesties? I thought SirPT said Rhianna would be, and would be conserving the inheritance.

  8. “Ms. Corlett is decidedly scrumptious, which meets the part demand, but she’s also 5 ft tall.”

    So it’s Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher all over again.

  9. I’m more concerned about a female Patrician (The Matrician?) and CMOT Dibbler. Another IP to add to the ruined by wokeness list.

    @Jgh- I saw an article about this the other day, the rights were sold prior to this death and his estate have no creative oversite, sadly.

  10. I have had some correspondence with a few involved and the general view seemed to be that the d. wasn’t all that hot at the job. But that’s gossip from the perhaps not terribly happy anyway, no more.

  11. It’s quite a reliable rule of thumb to steer well clear of television adaptations or films of books one has enjoyed.

    Combine this with the cardinal principle of avoiding anything at all from the BBC and you have no need to infect your mind with trailers.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    They are, apparently, sexing up the new Lord of the Rings. Nudity is obviously what it needs.

    So will the scrumptious Ms Corlett star in the porn version Channel 4 is probably working on right now?

    You sell out to a pimp, you can expect the result to be prostitution.

  13. OMG The Patrician is a woman and the Dwarf female in the watch, Cheery Littlebottom is a trans sexual. These Americans have AmericaiZed it too. I will not be watching and I hope the rights these idiots bought had some exclusion clauses for mucking the characters and story up. I think you will find that the Patrician class of ancient Rome was dominated by men. Hence the derivation of the mane.

  14. Looks like fun on its own merits if you can put aside the source. Ankh Morpork certainly looks sufficiently grimy. I’ll give it a go.

    I’m with others about the David Jason adaptations… they just didn’t seem right. Although I do remember Tim Curry looking like he was thoroughly enjoying himself and that’s always a hoot.

  15. The Other Bloke in Italy

    I have no idea what you are all on about, thank goodness.

    However I do note, with disapproval, that there has been no mention of casting persons of colour; or POCs; or, increasingly, POX.

  16. So it’s Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher all over again.

    Don’t get me started. I did have a conversation with Mr Child many years ago and he told me that Hugh Jackman was his first choice but had too many other projects on the go.

  17. “I saw an article about this the other day, the rights were sold prior to this death and his estate have no creative oversite, sadly.”

    What on earth for? SirPT famously said his bank ran out of room for his money and he had to move to another one. He was in an ideal position to preserve the integrity of his creation.

  18. Just watched it, a travesty and even the few seconds of Dormer hamming it up as a manic punk Vimes was enough….as for the dwarf I thought the entire point was no one, not even dwarfs could tell what sex they were

  19. I’m not a *fan* of race-changing but neither am I opposed to it but when I saw that several characters had been race and sex-flipped along with it done by the BBC I knew this was going to a ‘in name only’ adaptation.

    What sealed it was seeing Lara Rossi (who I otherwise really liked in Iron Sky 2 – she did a good job there) as Sybil Ramkin. Someone who is supposed to be ‘matronly’ – ie, stout and thick.

    Her in that role is also telling me that they’re doing pulling a Gotham High (what if all these characters new each other in high school) by moving relationships that started at different times and developed over decades of the character’s lives all into one period when they’re ‘young and attractive’.

    James Fleet is probably supposed to be Ridcully – who doesn’t become Archchancellor until well through the Discworld series but all these people are otherwise supposed to be young?

  20. Decidedly scrumptious? You’re getting like me, Tim. My only criteria are female, my species, and preferably a pulse.

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