Tee hee

Anne-Marie Hutchinson was born in Donegal in 1957, one of six children of Gerry, a barber, and Kitty, a nurse. A proud member of the Irish Catholic diaspora, she was brought up, ironically, in Oliver Cromwell’s constituency of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Her parents referred to the lord protector as “that bastard”.

This also being a PJ O’Rourke joke about his Republican grandmother. Never would allow the word “Democrat” to be spoken in the house, always said “bastards” instead.

9 thoughts on “Tee hee”

  1. The English. What bastards. Racist to the core. Irish haters to a man (and woman). Oppressive to the Indians. Slave owners and exploiters all.

    So WTF do Irish, Indians and Blacks want to come to England for?

    Hint: Benefits?

  2. Irish Diaspora in 1957, eh? Still no feckin’ potatoes because the English took them all.

    Or perhaps it’s because most of Ireland is ruled by the Irish, who, as we know, are (allegedly) congenitally stupid.

  3. Is there a point, either in time or volume that a thing ceases to be ironic?

    There must be a significant of people from the Catholic diaspora brought up in the bastards constituency, also, twas “many many years ago”*.

    *Think Lady Constance de Coverlet voice for the voice.

  4. Maybe it was one of those Irish families stupid enough to believe that Ollie slaughtered everyone in Drogheda.

    Sometimes I have ignored my Irish grandfather’s advice that all Irish history is lies, and poked my nose into it. Mainly I’ve learned that he was approximately right.

  5. ” Mainly I’ve learned that he was approximately right.”

    I’ve a close Irish friend who, when he first came to England, used to spout all sorts of b*llsh*t about how terrible the English had been to the poor Irish people until I finally got fed up and started putting him straight on a few things – including lending him some actual history books – and now I’ve got him to realise that, as your grandfather said:” All Irish history is lies.”

  6. Ecks, every time someone is excessively rude about Jacinda Ardern in the way you are, her support goes UP. Face it, most people don’t want to be siding with what looks like outright sexism from disgruntled old men with fascist tendencies.

    If you want to win the PR war, you don’t have to play nice. But ridiculous name-calling isn’t going to win anyone over.

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