The only vaguely coherent motive I have seen from anyone comes from Richard Murphy, the self-styled father of Corbynomics, and it is nuts. Murphy reckons that “herd immunity” (which he wrongly thinks is a veterinary term) is “the economics of neoliberalism running riot” and that the end goal is a “cull of the elderly”. Aside from the fact that the explicit aim of “Focused Protection“ is to protect the elderly, it is a mystery why Charles Koch, aged 84, would support such a diabolical plan.

8 thoughts on “Tee hee”

  1. Rob said:
    “It’s a crowded field but this is probably Murphy’s stupidest statement”

    I’m only surprised he didn’t think it was about going deaf.

  2. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    despite his wife being a GP

    And, thanks to Spud, we now know she’s nuts.

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