That’s the gender pay gap going up

Clare Gilmartin, 45, said that she would be stepping back for “personal” reasons after seven years leading the company to spend more time with her young family.

8 thoughts on “That’s the gender pay gap going up”

  1. Not as much as one might think:

    “She will continue as a senior adviser after handing over in February…”

  2. Bet she’s thanking her lucky stars she sold those shares.

    You’re a multimillionaire, don’t need to work, why bother?

    It’s going to be grim at that business for months, and even when this lifts, remote work is going to make a large dent in sales. Stuff is tricky with kids at the moment. Take some time out with them, find another business in a few years.

  3. As Trainline shares fell by 12.9% yesterday and by almost 1/3rd since being listed (As far as I can make out thanks to the paywall) one might have expected questions concerning the timing of her sale were she not a protected species.

  4. What does the Trainline actually do? Never really understood the value proposition, at least to consumers. Last time I checked (few years ago to be fair) their TV ads suggested booking in advance via the Trainline was cheaper, in practice an advanced ticket is cheaper than buying on the day whoever you buy it from, and in fact the Trainline charged an additional booking fee making them more expensive rather than cheaper! Never understood why those ads weren’t banned as misleading – and the website seemed just as clunky and hard to use as anybody else’s. Has their model changed since then?

  5. MBE,

    Yeah, that’s about right. Trainline did have an edge years ago. They allowed you to buy a ticket online, that you then collected when the train companies didn’t do that, but the train companies now have their own apps. So, other than being the “brand” that people go to, not a lot.

  6. I use Trainline as the easisest place to look up ticket prices. But I’ve never bought a ticket through them.

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