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The Telegraph paywall

This seems to have changed as of this morning.

So, no news from the Telegraph I’m afraid…..

12 thoughts on “The Telegraph paywall”

  1. No great loss. Some opposition to Johnson’s freakery but still swallowing lots of lying virus-freak cockrot.

  2. I’ve taken out a subscription since I canceled my Times subscription due to its campaign for an early ban on fossil fuel cars.

  3. Click the page. See the wall. Right click. View page source. Scroll down past the HTML crap and read the article. It’s not a proper wall like the Times.

  4. Paywall?
    Right click the padlock by the URL. Click “Site settings”. Set JavaScript to block.
    …… no Paywall….. not too many photos either but I’m there for the words.

  5. Bloke in North Powys


    Yes, there is a bypass-paywalls-chrome too

    Not that I would encourage the use of such a thing. Certainly not. Not me, no.

  6. Firefox (on Linux). Click on rightmost (3 lines) icon, & select ‘New Private Window’ or do ctrl+shift+P. You get a private window & this seems to allow Telegraph stories. Doesn’t work for The Times.

  7. I find many paywalls can be circumvented by hitting the escape key immediately after the page has started to load. If you’re quick enough you can abort the page loading before the javascript runs.

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