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There’s an alternative explanation for this Red Mirage

Scenarios for how an election disaster could unfold in the United States next week involve lawsuits, lost ballots, armed insurrection and other potential crises in thousands of local jurisdictions on 3 November.

But there is one much simpler scenario for election-night chaos, centering on a single address, that many analysts see as among the most plausible.

The scenario can be averted, election officials say, by heightening public awareness about it – and by cautioning vigilance against carefully targeted lies that Donald Trump has already begun to tell.

Known as the “red mirage”, the scenario could develop if Trump appears to be leading in the presidential race late on election night and declares victory before all the votes are counted.

The red mirage “sounds like a super-villain, and it’s just as insidious”, the former Obama administration housing secretary Julían Castro says in a video recorded as a public service announcement to voters this week.

“On election night, there’s a real possibility that the data will show Republicans leading early, before all the votes are counted. Then they can pretend something sinister’s going on when the counts change in Democrats’ favor.”

What is really meant is the following:

“Look, it’s gonna take us some time to fiddle the vote, find those amazing boxes of just the right number of D votes to push Joe over the line. So, give us a break, right? We got work to do so give us the time to do it.”

19 thoughts on “There’s an alternative explanation for this Red Mirage”

  1. The scenario can be averted, election officials say, by heightening public awareness about it

    Either election officials are partisan or (Heaven forfend) the guardian is making things up.

  2. If it turns out that every case of late overturn is in favour of democrats, will that not be an indicator that this is true? Is it only democrats who can’t vote at the ballot in time to be counted?

  3. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Can anyone enlighten me on the following (and I say this as someone who thinks Biden will win, so I’m not coming from a conspiracy angle) – if we assume the more rural, middle America bits will more likely be Trump’s, and the easty weary urban ones more likely Biden, wouldn’t it be the harder to count (logistically) areas that would show up later in in the process?

  4. I have noticed over the last 20 years or so, starting with Bush-Gore, that every time they recount the votes the Ds gain. First vote, R is up 400, 1st recount, up 210, 2nd recount, up 30, 3rd recount, down 110, etc.

    Harry – not sure what your question is. Why would some areas show up later? You mention the East, those areas finish voting earlier than the middle of the country.

  5. And according to Tim Pool’s recent story, there are thousands of mail in ballots stuck in the mail system, ready to be brought out when the polls go against the Dems.

    @Harry, the president is elected on the electoral vote, not the popular vote. It’s an attempt at removing the bias to the Dems from the urban elite.

  6. Trump should indeed declare victory on election day. All ballots after that day to be investigated for fraud. Any found fraudulent earns a 20 year sentence per vote to be divided between the corrupt crew who brought them in.

    So if a corrupt crew of say 10 election workers brings 100,000 bogus votes–they share 2 million years of jail time at 200,000 years each. A 2-3 day amnesty during which all fake votes can be withdrawn or demorats can confess how many they fiddled and stay out of jail. That should do it.

  7. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Yes, I didn’t explain myself very well.

    What I meant was logic would suggest the results that would come in later would be the college’s / constituencies / whatever they are called, that take longer to count because they are physically larger. Just like in the UK elections where ballot boxes can be gathered and counted more quickly in urban areas rather than very rural ones.

    Given that these rural areas are more likely pro Trump , why would the results that turn up later, changing the result, be for Biden – which is what the Guardian scenario is discussing?

  8. The Truman election was the most obviously fixed result. JFK and LBJ were merely worthy contenders. I imagine that FDR’s election results were all above board /sarc. Imagine a guy who runs his campaign on dissing Hoover and then enacts all Hoover’s policies. That is Obama-level chutzpah

  9. HHG, the most common method is for ballot boxes to appear fortuitously in rubbish bins, seemingly containing overwhelming support for the Democrat candidate

  10. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if a bunch of renegade Trump supporters flooded fake Trump ballots into the system.
    About the only thing that would get something done about the integrity of elections!

  11. The fun and games might be concentrated in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which were narrowly won by Trump in 2016. All have Democrat governors, presumably willing and able to delay declaring a result for a considerable time. If their combined 46 electoral college votes swing Democrat (and nothing else changes) that will be sufficient for a Biden victory.

    Other potential swing states, Iowa, Ohio and Florida have Republican governors less likely to delay calling a result.

    If this scenario is correct then following Biden’s recent comments about the fossil fuel industry, so vital to Pennsylvania, his path to the White House has become a whole lot tougher irrespective of what the national polls might say.

  12. – “Russian collusion”
    – Impeachment for “bribing the Ukrainian president”
    – “Police are hunting minorities for sport”
    – “Mike Brown had his hands up”
    – “We’re all gonna die from COVID-19”
    – “COVID-19 came from Europe”
    – “Donald Trump caused over 200,000 people to die”
    -“Nursing homes? What nursing homes?”
    – “Worst economy ever”
    – “Donald Trump said neo-Nazis were ‘very fine people'”
    – “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan” <–recycled from 2010
    – "Separating families at the border and putting kids in cages was Trump's idea"
    – "AntiFa is an idea"
    – "I never touched Tara Reade"
    – "My son Hunter is an honorable man"
    – "I never said I wanted to ban fracking"
    – "I graduated at the top of my class"
    – "I hold three degrees"
    – "Peaceful protests"
    – "The Proud Boys are white supremacists"
    – "The riots in Portland were set up by right-wing neo-fascists"
    – "Kyle Rittenhouse brought a firearm across state lines"
    – "Manufacturing jobs are never coming back…What magic wand do you have?"
    – "Shovel-ready jobs in the green energy sector" <–2009 idea recycled in 2020
    – "I don't hate Donald Trump"
    – "We believe scientists"
    – "How do we handle COVID? More testing!"
    – "Republicans are taking away your right to vote"
    – "Raising the minimum wage won't hurt small businesses"

    And the Hail Mary: "Trump is jeopardizing our relationships with our allies"

    But hey, maybe they're telling the truth this time around ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. @TMB
    Election officials are partisan shown many times on Veritas. Authorities too

    Biden blurts out truth
    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”
    The most honest thing he’s said throughout his entire campaign

    Project Veritas – Voter Fraud

    TX ‘Ballot Chaser’ Illegally Pressures Voters To Change Votes; “I could go
    to jail”
    Raquel Rodriguez is working for Republican Mauro Garza and Democrats and
    Judges, persuading voters to vote for whoever pays her. Anti-Trump Rep or
    “normal in Mexico”?
    Trump must remove Mauro Garza

    Omar in Minnesota too

    This is happening in UK too – eg Tower Hamlets, Peterborough

  14. News stations always call a winner once they’ve decided enough ballots have been counted that they are confident any as yet uncounted ballots won’t change the lead.

  15. The mayor of Philthadelphia ‘warned residents in his city that counting the mail-in ballots “will easily take several days” after Election Day.’

    They are going to look like the absolute fools they are. A national joke. Dumbasses didn’t think of that in their zeal to set it up. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  16. @Gamecock
    Postal Ballots?

    Biden blurts out truth
    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”
    The most honest thing he’s said throughout his entire campaign


    Don’t Rage Against The Machine, Vote Against It

    Vote Trump & Republican – Keep USA and World safe and more warless

  17. The Final Countdown
    – “Maybe we’ll come back To Earth, who can tell?
    – Will things ever be the same again?
    – If Biden wins it”s The Great Reset and poverty for all”

    Hilton: Closing arguments on Trump vs Biden
    Steve Hilton highlights President Trump’s fulfilled campaign promises and accomplishments

    Inspirational, nothing but the truth. A vote against such sterling performance is just unthinkable

    Trump, Biden deliver closing arguments to voters ahead of Election Day
    We don’t need Joe Biden in there because if he is Obama & Clinton will be running America again

    Democrats must realise they are not voting for Biden as President, they are voting for the hidden people in power who are controlling him

    Biden will spread a `poisonous ideology´ pitting everyone against each other

    People are voting for Biden because of his policies yet they can’t even name any of them. The level of ignorance on display is downright dangerous
    Brainwashed by msm

    ‘Most voters agree´ Trump is the stronger candidate on economy
    Fox”s Neil Cavuto is a GoP never Trump, didn´t like numbers Steve Moore
    was announcing…so he cut him off

    Under Trump The US economy rises in ‘single biggest surge in American economic history’

    Don’t Rage Against The Machine, Vote Against It

    Vote Trump & Republican – Keep USA and World safe and more warless

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