These people are weird

Historic California law establishes path to reparations for Black people, descendants of slaves

California was always a free state. From inception. The institution, the state itself, just cannot be responsible.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is not about justice for slavery. It is about hatred of White people. California is not a minority majority state. So White people are doomed.

    30 years it will be Zimbabwe

  2. Dennis, He Who Is Truly Blessed With Some Sort of Germanic Wog Heritage

    It will never happen. This is about getting some unemployed members of the political class into a paying gig that doesn’t require much work. CA is notorious for it.

  3. So black people who’ve just arrived from Africa get the same compo as Americans whose descendants were enslaved? Hardly seems fair.

    Anyway, White Californians voted this lot in so they’re getting what they voted for.

  4. Pay for it with a 75% tax on cash reserves, profits and assets of all Silicon Valley companies and their executives.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Oblong October 1, 2020 at 2:17 pm – “Ah but Tim, it’s the best kind of virtue signalling then; big noise but zero cost.”

    It is not zero cost. The aim is to push the Overton window. It is normalising and mainstreaming a stupid idea. Soon it will be accepted wisdom.

  6. “It isn’t called “The Land of Fruits an Nuts” for no reason you know!”

    Don’t forget the flakes!

  7. ‘Historic California law’

    Two days ago. And it’s already ‘historic.’

    ‘Historic’ means NBC thinks it’s a real good idea.

  8. I’m a Northerner. When do I get compensation from the Normans for the Scorching Of The North?

    One of my great-great-great-grandmothers was Jewish. When do I get compensation for the Babylonian exile and the Egyption enslavement?

  9. My great, great, grandfather was held, and died, as a slave by an African tribe after being shipwrecked. Do I now sue Lenny Henry for compo?

  10. well, they’ve long said “tip the US on end and everything loose rolls into California”.

    Ironically California has been losing it’s black population for decades as they migrate to other states. There are about as many blacks today in CA as there were in 1990 even though the state’s population has grown by a quarter since and the black population in the US is growing at a decent clip. I suppose this could be a way to try to entice blacks back to the state, rather than say, lift building restrictions so housing could become more affordable or loosen policies that discourage industries that might actually hire them.

    As far as California never being a slave state, that is a bit of a mixed bag. Indians were effectively enslaved by the Spanish, Mexicans and early white settlers.

  11. “Give a man a fish . . . .”

    The Left exists to give away other people’s fish.

    Before you get to ‘reparations,’ you should understand that this is to give some people more fish. The theory is that blacks can’t create a world for themselves, that whites must take care of them because they can’t take care of themselves.

    At it’s root, the demand for reparations is racist. By the people who demand it.

    And, just as important, the idea is to take fish from people who have them. The Left is forever inventing reasons to take from people to give to others. In a democracy, they have to get the public to go along with it. ‘Reparations’ is a particularly lame reason.


    ‘Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, speaks at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., on June 10.’

    A black woman pleading for MORE. It’s clownish.

    ‘”As a nation, we can only truly thrive when every one of us has the opportunity to thrive. Our painful history of slavery has evolved into structural racism and bias built into and permeating throughout our democratic and economic institutions,” Newsom said in a statement.’

    This has nothing to do with ‘the opportunity to thrive.’ It is a declaration that blacks have failed to thrive, they can’t thrive, so they must receive handouts.

  13. Actually, Tim, the ‘justification’ for this proposal was included in the nesws item, if anyone had cared to read it.

    “………California was founded as a free state, or a state where slavery was illegal, in 1850, yet several laws made significant allowances for residents to retain enslaved people so long as they lived in California temporarily or bought the slaves before statehood. Slavery became illegal throughout the United States in 1865……….”

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