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This is excellent news, isn’t it?

“We call on the UK government to match the pledges of the Welsh and Scottish governments and the Northern Ireland Executive, to continue to provide children from low-income backgrounds with free meals over the coming weeks and to then extend this at least until the Easter school holiday.”

The letter praises Rashford as a “source of inspiration” for his campaign, which continued to attract a groundswell of support last night. Hundreds more businesses have signed up to help provide meals this weekend and scores of councils, including prominent Tory-led authorities, have agreed to fund local programmes.

Given that businesses, local authorities and jus’ plain good folks have stepped up to the plate – the little platoons – there’s no need for central government to do anything, is there?

18 thoughts on “This is excellent news, isn’t it?”

  1. It is brilliant.
    I wish I had a serious wad of cash, as my third nearest pub will now for one week provide 30 meals a day between 12:1-30 to those who qualify for FSM during term-time.
    The recent Labour proposal was to provide a £15 supermarket voucher for them, which still involved someone (a parent presumably) buying the ingredients and preparing the food, so the Labour proposal didn’t involve actually ensuring a meal was provided. If you believe in parental responsibility, like being a conservative for example, then you have to vote down that.
    So I’d like to donate £450 to said pub, but if in the process of so doing they utter one word against the government then I’d withdraw the donation. Just to learn ’em.

  2. Agreed
    Give them food, not money. When I see a cabinet minister with an oven glove I’ll applaud that Rashford person.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Can’t feed ’em? Don’t breed ’em. My sympathy for the undeserving poor is getting more and more limited. Especially as the trash I feed now will be stealing my DVD player later.

    The price of a free school lunch should be compulsory sterilization.

  4. I’ve tried to find out how much rashford had personally given to the cause – no mention. Lots of talk about helping raise money but no direct reference beyond him donating when the total was around £50k but still below £60k after his donation…

    As he gets paid £100m per annum I think he could solve this problem single handed, but that obviously doesn’t get enough press time or suchlike…

    When he solves the problem and asks for continuation funding to keep it going in years 3+ then I’ll believe he gives a damn about the cause

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    The problem is that if you go off and solve a problem using your own money you still get vilified cf Bill Gates.

    The whole point of these campaigns is to make the left feel virtuous and get access to other people’s money to support their comfortable lifestyle.

  6. Given the ruin Blojob is bringing on us it might soon be that these food banks are doing what they claim to be doing. As millions will find 94 a wk UC hard to live on assuming they get it.

    Prev I agree FBs etc and school dinners shite are leftist agit prop. But given how matters are working out– unless the UK public find a stash of balls they prepared earlier– then there indeed will be hungry people in UK.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    This just came through my Twatter and it appears it’s a big PR OP

    “ It feels bad casting doubt on the Rashford love-in.

    However it has all the signs of a modern media phenomenon, orchestrated by publicists for maximum impact – so far secured an MBE, weeks of uncritical adulation, talk of Sports Personality of the Year, etc.

    Rashford’s PRs call themselves ‘a movement’, which focuses on “protecting and defending those that can’t protect & defend themselves”. They channel it through his personality, he gets all the credit/awards and they get a lot of £££$$.”

  8. Aldi sell frozen meals for 79p (e.g. sweet & sour chicken with rice). They taste better than you might expect. There are very few excuses for children to be starving.

  9. A tin of soup costs 45p from Tescos. I am 12 1/2 stone and with a slice of bread to mop it up that is my lunch solved. A 10 year old should be able to live on that till tea time.

    It is all arse. And I agree that the whole thing smacks of a PR stunt by a not-as-good-as-he-obviously-thinks-he-is footballer and a shocking indication that our politicians are not capable of rational and coherent thought if they go around resigning over such ludicrous issues.

    It is not the job of government either central or local to feed kids out of term time, there is just not the level of poverty in this country anymore, even compared to 40 years ago. The local authorities could provide clubs (at a fee) for kids to be left while the parents are at work.

  10. Rashfords basic annual salary is £10.4m plus performance related bonuses. His Nike sponsorship adds another £2.3m along with several others.

    Donating an absolute maximum £50k of his own money therefore equates to someone on an average salary giving just over £2 per week except they don’t get MBE’s and a permanent spot on the news page of the BBC website.

  11. ‘there’s no need for central government to do anything, is there?’

    Yes. The government should separate the kids from their parents. Feed ’em or lose ’em.

    Lyndon Johnson started this shit in the U.S. 55 years ago. He claimed successfully that it would be cheaper to help parents feed their kids than to take care of the kids. $22,000,000,000,000 dollars later, we are still stuck on stupid.

  12. There are only two plausible explanations for kids genuinely going hungry. One is that the various people responsible for paying benefits have cocked up hugely and over a prolonged period; the other is that the parents have other spending priorities, probably because of addiction(s). The solution to the first is to sack the incompetents; the solution to the second is putting the child into care.

    Care homes are pretty horrific in general (for which the first solution is still available), but there are lots of couples desperate for adoption* if ‘social services’ would just drop their insistence on racial profiling.

    * as evidenced by the numbers going off abroad to find children to adopt

  13. My daughter who has a number of non-white European friends recently commented that it doesn’t seem to matter how bad the parents are the kids won’t be taken away from them and she felt really sorry for some of the kids. That’s where worrying about racism gets you, leaving kids to suffer harm is considered the better option

  14. My main objection is that “He who pays the piper calls the tune”. If the state is paying for the children, the state will claim additional rights over the children. This way Brave New World?

  15. ‘That’s where worrying about racism gets you, leaving kids to suffer harm is considered the better option.’

    The same thing seems to apply to abo kids in Oz. Of course when the thing finally blows up, it’s everyone’s fault but the woke.

  16. Some people have noted that Rashford was born in 1997, so when he complains about not having food to eat when young and his mother crying because she was unable to feed him, that it was all during the years when Labour was in power.

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