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First all-online global school launches, offering private education at fraction of the cost
King’s College Online will give pupils access to more than 60 prestigious schools to complement new digital learning programme

It actually seems to run very much like the Open University. Online lectures and classes, some visits to campus maybe. Just for GCSEs and A levels.

We can expect massive amounts of botching over this. And no comparisons at all to the Open University of course. For that second is the state which makes it Good.

6 thoughts on “Wait for the response here”

  1. I read it as “first all-online global school lunches,” and thought “that’s taking COVID restrictions too far.”

  2. If it really is “global” then it could perhaps ditch GCSEs and prepare its pupils for ‘O’-level instead though how to replace ‘A’-levels with a worthwhile qualification is a thornier problem.

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