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Well, yes, but, well……

A man has been jailed for rape after he admitted deliberately piercing a condom with a pin before having sex.
Andrew Lewis, 47, claimed he had punctured the contraceptive in the hope that it would split and improve intimacy.
But he was arrested and charged with rape after his victim found the damaged condom in his bin and went to police.
The train driver was jailed for four years

Sex without the full and informed consent so, yes, rape. It’s also not Whoopi’s “rape rape” and yet appears to be being punished as such. Which seems a tad extreme. There being gradations even within the same crime.

BTW, before the righteous get too loudmouthed about this, this is exactly the form of rape that Julian Assange was accused of. Sex without a condom when it had been agreed to only with. And a number of rightons and Woken were insisting that he shouldn’t have to even stand trial…..

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, but, well……”

  1. When a woman does this to a man with the intention of getting pregnant without his consent (which is far more common), what offence has been committed?

    Clearly it can’t be rape, as they both consented to sex, and she is a woman and so, depending on the wording of the law, cannot commit rape as such.

    However, she is then exposing him to greater STD risk and the risk of many years of child support payments. In this case she was being exposed to greater STD risk and the risk of pregnancy. What offence is that, because rape doesn’t sound quite the right description?

    If the issue is that one party consented to sex but not on those terms, is an offence committed if a woman claims to be infertile or on the pill but is not? What if she tells a man she only wants to have sex with him if he loves her and he calls her by another lover’s name during the act?

  2. What if she tells a man she only wants to have sex with him if he loves her

    We’re inching closer to a general law of sex fraud: obtaining sexual benefit by deception. I can imagine the court cases:
    Woman: He told me he was a barrister!
    Man: No, I said “barista”.

  3. “Later on in 2018, police spoke to the victim on another matter concerning Lewis, and the details of the rape were disclosed …”

    So, another delayed complaint? I wonder what ‘the other matter’ was..?

  4. What happened to the cop who was shagging animal rights protestors? I thought he got off (well, yes, he got off, but I thought he was also acquitted).

  5. We’re all safer he’s in prison. Sort of moron would admit to pin-holing a condom is too dangerous to be lose. Where’s the evidence that it was him wielded the pin?

  6. Bullshit. The only bit you could access with a pin before putting it on is the tip, which isn’t under stress. If he poked a pin through the center of the condom while still in its package, he was trying to get her pregnant.

  7. Not just how he put a pinhole in the side, but…

    after his victim found the damaged condom in his bin

    What kind of bunny boiler will

    a) Rummage through the bloke’s bin to find a used johnny; and
    b) Have the eyesight of a kestrel to be able to spot a pinhole in said (presumably) scrunched up used johnny.

    There must be far more to this than the snippet is saying.

  8. If it was in HIS bin –apart from the mad cow doing a garb-analysis (which is not–at the risk of sounding like Walter from TBL –legal either I think)-how does anyone know if this is the condom in question and further know it didn’t already have a hole in it. Perhaps some Peter Cook like demon (“Bedazzled”) had been doing a little routine mischief at the factory. The bloke MUST have admitted it.

    Which would fit in with being mad enough to want to get pregnant so nasty a chunk of female. What’s the betting she is a negative Beauty Queen?

  9. “ We’re inching closer to a general law of sex fraud”

    Wasn’t there a case recently where a guy was advertising for models and telling them he had contacts with porn producers and he would forward a demo type if they recorded with him. Turned out he was lying and they prosecuted for rape

  10. Pleading guilty to this was madness, unless there’s a pin with his fingerprints on it. Bizarre.

    Anyway, if he had AIDS and this was California, it would be a ‘misdemeanour’ and a £50 fine or something.

  11. A question for you, Gamecock. This appears to have been consensual except for the pinhole bit. So, is this not rape, or is it VIOLENCE?

    A bit of a complication in dealing with sexual charges anymore (at least in the U.S.) is that they don’t appear to use the term “rape”, instead it is “sexual assault”, but this term is applied to a wide range of deeds, from the most violent, attacked and raped while screaming and pleading type to “I don’t remember how I ended up in bed with him”.

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