Where in buggery is that?

Margaret Nolan was born in Norton Radstock, Somerset, in 1943

Yes, it was a parish and an administrative unit. But no one at all ever refers to the area as that. Midsomer Norton is a nice little Somerset town. Radstock is a fiery hell of inbred ex-miners. The distinction is always made.

True story. Brother was offered tenancy of a Radstock cider pub – rent free! Turned it down as too dangerous. Went off to run catering in Helmland instead. No, really…..

7 thoughts on “Where in buggery is that?”

  1. Scrolling through the 2011 census maps at https://datashine.org.uk/ , I can’t see much difference between Midsomer Norton and Radstock. My guess is that the population has aged a fair bit, and not had many young people in recent years. Your brother’s cider bar offer would be a safe bet today (Covid aside).

  2. Both actors had their demons.

    Harry H Corbett was once hailed as the UK s best Method actor.But a steady paycheque left him typecast and he didn’t live long enough to escape Harold Steptoe so to speak. I believe he as a much better actor than he got credit for.

    I wonder what would have happened in some alternate universe if he had lived and been given the part of Inspector Morse instead of John Thaw.

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