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Whinge, whinge, moan, moan

So, I do a bit of piecework at a place. And obviously what I write about and how is optimised – lightly you understand – to the structure of the piecework payment system. The piecework payment system changing as of the end of next week.

Sigh. Which means working out how to optimise for that.

Yes, I know, things have changed (and they really have online about ad rates and traffic and all that) which means market system, adaptability to change and all that. Optimal system etc.

But still, moan, whinge, whine.

3 thoughts on “Whinge, whinge, moan, moan”

  1. But you can still work from home, right? And lockdown hasn’t affected your business, right? Personally, I think that’s win-win, even if you have to learn a few new tricks. A lot of other folks have suffered far worse.

    In my case, I work from home (still) and the lockdown has hardly affected me at all (in fact, the £2k I lost in the early stages of the lockdown is at least compensated by the money not spent on car fuel).

    But, like you I’m facing new ways of working, and new activities I need to do to earn a crust (being a pensioner, I no longer have to earn the stodge in the middle of the loaf!) Who knows, metaphorically I may even do better, and earn the butter as well!

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