Yes Snippa, yes

And just for the record, Dr Barnard Castle, a consultant eye doctor, as well as Dr Harold Shipman, have also signed.

That’s the Great Barrington Declaration. Still makes it more useful than most of those round robin letters Snippa himself signs.

7 thoughts on “Yes Snippa, yes”

  1. As a rule of thumb, aren’t all these round robin signathons completely useless? A really big one might tell you what conventional thinking currently looks like in a subject, or where the self-interest lies at any rate, but not much more than that.

  2. On reflection the main thing that annoys me about them is how officious and self-important he signatories to such things inevitably are, apparently regardless of whatever cause they’re supporting.

  3. They’re pretty useful for determining which public figures are inveterate spastics who will whore their name out for anything.

  4. An eye doctor can be as much an expert on epidemiology as an accountant can be on running an economy single-handedly.

    And if *anybody* knows about policy killing people its a Dr Shipman.

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